15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Day 4


Hosted by April of Books & Wine, here’s a chance for me to answer some questions about blogging and try to get inspired and excited again about why book bloggers blog about books!

Two days worth because I got behind a bit again…

So today’s prompt is:

What’s the Last Book You Flung Across the Room

I’m usually don’t actually get to that stage of “fling book across the room” because if it annoys me that much, chances are I’ve just skimmed through the rest of the book or didn’t even bother to finish it. That being said, sometimes you just have to finish a book for reasons and that’s when books get thrown (maybe not physically because my poor Kindle won’t be able to handle that but definitely mentally).

A Most Scandalous Proposal - Ashlyn MacnamaraThis book was an ARC, and I felt that I should have at least read the whole thing in full before deciding what kind of book it was, and it might have drove me a little crazy:

A Most Scandalous Proposal by Ashlyn Macnamara

This had me pulling my hair out! Oh the anguish (okay maybe that’s a tad exaggeration but really). One horrible, stupid sister is one thing, but to have two of them just killed me a little bit inside. As I ranted in the review: If after 5 years of blatantly making it obvious you’re into a guy, and said guy instead goes about flirting with other girls and tries to become betrothed to your sister, and you damn well can’t figure out it’s time to drop him like hot flapjacks because he’s obviously a douchebag, than I can’t sympathize for you.

And the mother!!! Oh don’t even started on the mother. She’s just a horrible person.

What makes me sad was the expectations I had for it. Such high hopes tattered by annoying characters who just couldn’t.


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  1. Yeah that was only a 3 for me. I love your rant!!

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