15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Day 6 & Day 7


Hosted by April of Books & Wine, here’s a chance for me to answer some questions about blogging and try to get inspired and excited again about why book bloggers blog about books!

So today’s prompt is:

Describe How You Shop for Books

For a while I didn’t really buy books, I just got everything from the library or a friend. I buy more books now but I usually end up buying books I’ve already read (I have to work on the fear of buying a book and the risk of hating it and than being stuck with it haha).

Basically, I choose the book I love and know I’ll re-read. If it has a pretty cover, bonus!

Jeremy Renner - Love Stare
My face when the book I love also has a cover I love

If I’m browsing the bookstore, I usually start in the Young Adult section, see if any pretty covers catch my eye. Than I move to the store’s recommend books, than I meander into the Fiction. I always like to stop by humour/comic/manga too.

So today’s other prompt is:

Talk about your blogging quirks

Hmm… blogging quirks…

1. I enjoy using parenthesis a lot (it’s like my extra/after thoughts)

2. I like to have matching formats for the posts. Ie. All the teaser Tuesday meme should look the same

3. I think I might be getting a bit obsessed with using gifs.



4. I have a bad habit of not reviewing books right after I read them, (so I tend forget a lot of things) so if I’m reading it via eBook, I highlight/bookmark like mad (in an attempt to save my ass later).


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  1. ARE YOU ME? :0 You shop exactly as I do. It’s scary.

    Also, the highlight/bookmark thing sounds brilliant. I should do it… It’ll help since I normally try to review right away, then suck at getting it done.

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