15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Day 8


Hosted by April of Books & Wine, here’s a chance for me to answer some questions about blogging and try to get inspired and excited again about why book bloggers blog about books!

So today’s prompt is:

Quick! Write 15 bullet points of things that appeal to you on blogs

1. Nice, clean layout
2. Handy dandy sidebar info
3. Preferable no noise/music playing as soon as I enter
4. Replies! It’s nice to know someone’s reading them & taking the time to reply (:
5. Rating system – be it stars, coffee cups, cupcakes. A quick way to know how much you like that book
6. Gifs! because they’re darn entertaining
7. Awesome blog names – cleverness/bad puns are attractive to me haha
8. No CAPTCHA please
9. Easy-to-read formatting
10. Fun/Humourous – why so serious
11. Good balance of reviews & memes
12. Easy links to info – of books, authors etc.
13. Easy to find & follow
14. Pretty graphics. I’m easily distracted/attracted to pretty things.
15.  I ran out of points.


Author: Cyn

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