2015 Book Blogger Love-a-Thon


The Book Blogger Love-a-Thon is an event dedicated to spreading the love for blogs + bloggers! It’s time dedicated to exploring the blogging community, leaving a comment or two, meeting new friends and fostering positivity among the bloggers of the community.

Thanks so much to Alexa Loves Books for hosting this awesome event! Now onto the questionnaire!

1. What’s your name?

Kim! 🙂 Well, it’s actually Kimberly, but no one ever calls me that. Since people default to Kim anyway, I have as well. Lol.

2. Where in the world are you blogging from?

Massachusetts, USA!

3. How did you get into blogging in the first place?

Love of books, of course. 😉 When I first started, I didn’t have many people to gush about my favorite books to, as my friends either didn’t read or read other genres. I was already online a lot with the anime/jpop crowd on LJ, so it was an easy progression to get a public blog to share my love of books.

4. How did you come up with your blog name?

One of my best friends had been brainstorming with me and a big thing with us is love of food. Thus, Book Munchies was born. (Another blog we named together had been “Don’t Choke and Die”. It was supposed to be our food blog, but never went past an intro. Haha.)

5. What genre do you read and review the most on your blog?

Typically, it’s a nice hodgepodge of YA, romance, and fantasy. Though, in recent days, I’ve found myself reading less and less YA unless it comes highly recommended by a trusted friend.

6. What other types of posts do you do on your blog, apart from reviews?

My blog partners and I have a few memes we enjoy posting each week. And depending on our luck, we might have posts with pictures from great bookish events we go too.

7. Best blogging experience so far?

Getting to know some of the nicest, most awesome people.

8. Favorite thing about the blogging community?

I love how we’re basically just all recommending something new or interesting to each other. It’s great finding that beloved new read I wouldn’t have thought of picking up had it not been for the blogging community. (Which happened recently with I’ll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios and Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.)

9. Name the 5 books you’re most excited for this 2015!

I think top of the list is A Court of Thorn and Roses. I’m seeing love for it EVERYWHERE. Plus, it’s Sarah J. Maas; she’s amazeballs. Then, there’s Winter. Not winter like the awful snow and weather we’ve been getting here, but Winter by Marissa Meyer. It’s the final book in her Lunar Chronicles quartet and something I need to get my hands on. Next up on the hit list: it’s An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir and A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab. I’ve already read these, but I’m excited for others to get the chance to dive into these amazing stories too. (Also, I’m only counting them as one since I’ve read them already. That works right? ;D) My final two most anticipated 2015 reads are Queen of Shadows (again by Ms. Maas) and The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater.

10. What’s an underrated book or series that you think everyone should read?

The Alex Craft series by Kalayna Price. It’s this awesome urban fantasy I read in January that features a kickass heroine, a tangled romance, and lots of action happening everywhere. Basically, I think everyone would be happier if they read it. (Or, at least, I’d be happier to have people to talk about it with. Haha.) Runner up is the October Daye series by Seanan McGuire, another urban fantasy.

11. Which book boy or girl would be your book BFF?

My book BFF, huh? I can’t think of anyone in recent books I’ve read that I’d choose, so I’ll go classic with my answer: Hermione Granger. Because, really? She has been a hero of mine for a very long time. She shows that bookworms are able to be more than be know-it-alls with their noses stuck in a book. We can go out and fight side by side with our friends for what’s right. Or something. I’m not sure I actually want to go out and face the Dark Lord, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

Side note: I love that you’re not asking about who would be my book boyfriend.

12. Apart from reading, what are your other hobbies or interests?

I am (or used to be) into yarn crafts. I was originally a crocheter who turned to knitting because I loved the look of the patterns better. Sure, there are adaptations to make crocheting look more like knitting. But why do that when I could just knit? Recently I’ve stopped doing a lot of that, especially since my carpal tunnel started acting up and I had to wear a wrist brace. Let me tell you: wrist braces are not useful when trying to knit. Lol.

13. Apart from book shopping, what else do you like shopping for?

Stationary. I’m not really big on shopping, but stationary is so much fun to pick through, all the pens, pencils, papers, designs. The options are so vast and wonderful. It’s almost as fun as book shopping. Almost.

14. At a party, the DJ suddenly changes the song – and it’s your song. What song would be playing?

You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift! It’s an older one of hers, but a favorite. ;D But really, any TSwift song would be my song. Haha.

15. Pick out either a book you want turned into a film/TV show, or a film/TV show you want turned into a book.

I think this may be the hardest question out of the whole questionnaire. Either the book I want to choose has an adaptation or the film/TV show I like is adapted from a book.

In the end, I’m going to pick my favorite book: Sabriel by Garth Nix. I don’t need the whole trilogy to be adapted, but that would be nice. Haha.  It has a fantastic, compelling lead character and an adventure that starts almost right off the bat. It builds in intensity until you’re racing through the pages hoping for the best. Basically, it should happen.

OR there’s Garth Nix’s middle grade series, Keys to the Kingdom. That was so awesome how he created this crazy world, and I think it’d make for a good TV series.

Author: Kim

Everything can be made better with a good book or some relaxing knits. 😀 Find me on IG @kimberlyh12 or on Twitter @enervated.

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  1. Nice to meet you! I must say, we’re twinsies in the Hermione Granger BFF department. She’s the first name that even came to mind. Also, we both listed our state and then USA with an exclamation mark. Hahah! *high five*

    I am looking forward to many of the books you’re looking forward to, too! I still NEED to get I’ll Meet You There. There is so much love for it, I truly am missing out, huh?

    1. Nice to meet you! Yay for HG twinsies! The best sort. ;D We obviously both have good tastes. Haha.

      I rarely read YA contemporaries, but this one blew me away. Read it if you get the chance to, because it was amazing. 🙂

  2. Hey Kim!! So glad I’ve gotten to know you this year! Hopefully we can meet up soon when I’m back in the Boston area! Have a great Love-a-Thon! xoxo

    1. Hi Sarah! I’m super happy we connected, and I look forward to meeting with you when you’re back. 😀

  3. All 5 books you’re looking forward to are books that I can’t wait to have in my hands this year! I’ve read ACOTAR, and adored it, and I hope you do as well. Also, let’s be honest – Hermione Granger will be the most awesome BFF you will ever have! I share your love of stationery and Taylor Swift, so yay for things in common.

    Thanks for joining the Love-a-Thon!

    1. Ahhh, I’ve been hearing so many good things about ACOTAR, that I’m afraid I’m too excited and then I won’t love it as much when I do read it. But considering who it’s by, I think I’ll be okay. 😉

      For real, Hermoine would be the best. She has your back. Yay for having things in common! Good starting point for making new friends.

      Thanks for hosting the Love-a-Thon!

  4. Hermione was my pick for a book BFF too, but I was much less eloquent about my reasoning than you were. I love stationary too! I’m not a huge shopper, but books, stationary, & scarves are things I can’t say no to.

    1. Haha, thanks for thinking I was eloquent. I was pretty sleepy when I wrote that, and thought everyone would think I was a nutter because of my reasoning.

      Stationary and scarves! You are on point, because those are lovely things to shop for. One can never have enough scarves. ;D

  5. So glad to discover another MA blogger! I’m excited to get to know you more. Book recs from friends on Twitter and GoodReads are the best! I took am so excited for Winter–if it could just come out earlier, I would be so happy!!

    1. Same! I feel like I’ve been getting to know more of them this year than I have the whole time I’ve been blogging. It’s very exciting. 🙂

      I know, right? Winter should come out asap so we can all be happy, just as I hope Kai and Cinder end up. Happy, I mean, and preferably happy together.Lol.

  6. I have an unhealthy obsession with stationary which sucks because I don’t have anyone to write to. :/ but SO PRETTY. I love Hermione, and to be honest, I would’ve been right there with her with all that studying haha. I was THAT girl. She’s amazing and will always be one of my fave heroines! Tswift!!! I own all her albums and love her! Ahh Sabriel! That would be so cool. I have plans to reread that series this year!

    1. RIGHT? I’m in the same boat! I just want to collect it all but no one to write to. Want to be pen pals? ;D

      I was not always studying because I was always reading for leisure. I was a rebel, obvs. Haha. TSwift is a love that needs to be shared always because she’s the best. Sometimes I get into moods where her older stuff is all I want to listen too. Haha.

      Reread it! If you let me know when, maybe I’ll buddy re-read it with you? I reread Sabriel all the time (because it’s my favorite thing ever), but Lirael and Abhorsen never get as much love so I’m a bit hazy on what happened in that book aside from the big plot points. XD

  7. The top 5 books you’re looking forward to are the books most bloggers can’t wait to read! And well, yeah, that includes me. 😀

    I also love stationaries! I remember how I used to collect them when I was a kid and I also used to trade pieces with my friends. Aaaah, those days, if only I could relive it.

  8. Nice to meet you! I totally am obsessed with stationary too like you and Wendy! And also, hey up in Massachusetts! I’m in NY, with you in the land of ice and snow, though we don’t have quite as much as you 🙂
    Cassie @ Happy Book Lovers

  9. Hi Kim! 🙂 So glad to find your blog!

    An Ember in the Ashes! Ahh!!! That book was SO SO SO SO GOOD!

    I want to learn to knit. It’s on my to-do list this year! And stationery! YAAASSS! Stationery! 🙂

    1. Hello! Thanks for stopping by!

      I KNOW. That book blew me away. It’s not even out yet and I already want book 2!

      I taught myself knitting via youtube vids. I hope you get around to learning, because it’s a great pastime. 😀

  10. SO MANY of our answers are the same, or similar. Hellooo new BFF!

    I also used to knit and enjoyed it, but then I moved to Dubai and there is zero quality, affordable yarn there. Plus it’s hot and knitted things aren’t very useful there. But I live in São Paulo now, so maybe I’ll take it up again.

    1. LOL. Clearly this is destiny, new BFF! 😉

      I only want to knit in the winter, which is so pointless since nothing is ever done in time to be of use to me. XD I hope you get to pick it up again though. It’s such a relaxing hobby.

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