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Dark Metropolis - Jaclyn DolamorePublisher: Disney Hyperion (June 17th 2014)
Hardcover: 304 pages
Source: Netgalley & Itching for Books
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Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Sixteen-year-old Thea Holder’s mother is cursed with a spell that’s driving her mad, and whenever they touch, Thea is chilled by the magic, too. With no one else to contribute, Thea must make a living for both of them in a sinister city, where danger lurks and greed rules.
Thea spends her nights waitressing at the decadent Telephone Club attending to the glitzy clientele. But when her best friend, Nan, vanishes, Thea is compelled to find her. She meets Freddy, a young, magnetic patron at the club, and he agrees to help her uncover the city’s secrets-even while he hides secrets of his own.

Together, they find a whole new side of the city. Unrest is brewing behind closed doors as whispers of a gruesome magic spread. And if they’re not careful, the heartless masterminds behind the growing disappearances will be after them, too.


(This review gets music, because glitzy 1920’s always gets music)

So Dark Metropolis is a historical story based in an alternate universe in Berlin in 1927. There’s still magic in the world, though it’s not used as openly, and more importantly there are still the possibility of necromancy. This is where the conflict lies. And contrary to the synopsis, it’s not just one story, but two that become more intertwine as we progress through the story.

The first story is Thea and Freddy’s. Theirs is the side of the necromancers. Freddy actually reminds of Ned the pie maker from Pushing Daisies, because his thing was…

pushing daisies - nedem - wake up the dead –> pushing daisies - touch

okay, you got me. I just really wanted more Ned/Pushing Daisies.

pushing daisies - pie maker - eyebrows

Anyways, Freddy is a necromancer, and he’s bring back the dead for his “uncles”. Thea is trying to discover if her father is actually dead, and Freddy is the only person who can help. Soon they’re a bit in over their head  and get caught up in a big revolution. I liked Thea and Freddy enough, but I felt they were often a bit flat, and I wouldn’t quite connect with them. I don’t know if it was just me, but I could never figure out when they were sarcastic, or sad, or anything…

That being said, the second story is of Nan, Thea’s friend who disappears, really went over well with me. I really liked Nan, she was definitely interesting and different than everyone else. From Nan’s story we get to see the the other side. The undead, the zombies and what was happening to all the people that Freddy brings.  I also quite enjoyed Nan’s and Sigi’s relationship. This part of the book actually reminds me of the movie, Fido, about the zombies, haha.

Fido - pet


Overall, it was an intriguing story. It had it’s ups and downs for me, but the necromancy/magic aspect was interesting. The story starts off a bit slow, but it definitely picks up further in as the drama gets bigger. While the book doesn’t end in a huge cliff hanger (thank god!) there is a second book to help wrap up lose ends and (hopefully) answer some unanswered questions. oh, and if you’re wondering about the romance(s), it’s pretty light, but it’s nice.

& Favourite Quotes;

 “I’d love to have an olive almost as much as the cocktail itself. So salty. They never give us anything salty here.” She sighed and then said, “I’m sorry to prattle on. I do it when I’m nervous.”

I like your prattling. I certainly prefer listening to you over the rats.”

Sigi laughed nervously. “It is always a goal of mine to be more interesting than rats.”


“A figure moved pass the doorway. Nan smelled death. And she could see it, the sunken eyes and the emaciated limbs, moving awkwardly, wearing worker’s pajamas with a rip in the knee and dried blood staining the shirt brown.

Keep moving, she inwardly begged the thing. Just keep moving.

But it had stopped in the doorway, and now it sniffed.


Freddy gathered him up. The cat’s fur still felt a little strange, but he was purring and content now. He held Amsel against him, close enough to feel his heartbeat. “Thank you,” he whisperd. “Thank you- for being here. I was never alone with you here. Amsel…”

In his arms, Amsel sighed – tired, but content.

Freddy cut the thread.

{*Thank to Disney Hyperion & Netgally for the ARC in exchange for the an honest review.



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About Jaclyn Dolamore:

Jaclyn DolamoreJaclyn Dolamore was homeschooled in a hippie sort of way and spent her childhood reading as many books as her skinny nerd-body could lug from the library and playing elaborate pretend games with her sister Kate. She skipped college and spent eight years drudging through retail jobs, developing her thrifty cooking skills and pursuing a lifelong writing dream. She has a passion for history, thrift stores, vintage dresses, David Bowie, drawing, and organic food. She lives with her partner and plot-sounding-board, Dade, and two black tabbies who have ruined her carpeting.

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  1. Thank you for participating. Glad you liked it.

    1. No problem, thanks for hosting!

  2. I’ve seen this book around from blog tours and love the concept of the necromancer and the historical time period! It sounds amazing, thanks for your review lovely!

    1. Yes! I totally loved the concept of alternate universe, and necromancer! It was a good read overall, but it had it ups and downs a bit. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. i’ve heard a lot about this one—some mixed thoughts but overall i’m interested in the setting and time of the novel! Sounds like a real interesting read!

    1. I’ve noticed the mixed reviews, too. I loved the alternate universe and the zombie aspect, hopefully you’ll enjoy it!

  4. I’ve admired the cover many a time, however the plot seems to be too much for me. I love the setting and idea though. I’ll have to seriously think about it. Your review is great though. It breaks down everything very nicely.

    1. I’m a big fan of the cover, too! There is a lot of things going on, and a few storylines, so I can why you’d be a bit wary. Aww, thanks, I’m glad the review was helpful to you!

  5. I liked this book too. I thought it had some ups and downs. I hope that the second book deals more with the romance between freddy and thea, but I am interested enough to continue reading.

    Great Review!

    Michelle @ Book Briefs

    1. I hope there’s more romance, too haha. I’m such a sucker for the romance. I’m sitting on the fence for reading book 2, but I’ll probably cave, haha. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Agree — I loved Nan and Sigi’s relationship much more than Freddy and Thea’s. Like you, I thought the alt history and the necromancy were the coolest parts. Definitely agree that it starts off slow — I think I was ⅔ through before I was really invested…
    Thanks so much for stopping by! Jen @ YA Romantics

  7. I haven’t heard much about this one! This sounds fascinating even though it has a slower pace. Really excited to read it.

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