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Sleepless - Tracey WardPublisher: (August 12th 2013)
eBook: 405 pages
Series: Bird of Stone #1
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My name is Alex Mills and I have a superpower.

Don’t be jealous, it sucks. I can’t control it. My mind is a mutinous SOB that takes over when I go to sleep. I’m just a girl trying to get some shut eye while it decides to throw a rager that can land me just about anywhere in the world.

The base of the Eiffel Tower.
The shore on the coast of Ireland.
The third baseline at Wrigley Field.

Sounds exciting and fun right? Wrong. My not so superpower is unpredictable, uncontrollable and annoying as hell. It’s also how I met Nick.

Every cloud has a silver lining. Nick is mine.

Nick is extraordinary as well. He can’t feel fear. Never has, never will. It’s worked out for him as a PJ in the Air Force, one of the most dangerous jobs in the military, but where it’s not helpful is with his social skills. Nick is cold, distant and apathetic.

He’s also my hero. And if he’s to be believed, I’m his.

I first met him when he died and that wasn’t even the weirdest moment of our relationship. Neither is this moment here and now, trapped together in an island prison on the Behring Sea. It’s a long, strange story between his death and this prison. One full of sheep, docks, Jabberwocks and a very special stone. I could tell it to you if you’d like to hear it. I’ve got time…


Sleepless had a really interesting premise with Alex having the ability to physical transport herself anywhere during her sleep. Unfortunately she doesn’t have a lot of control over it which leads to a pretty unpredictable and unstable life. Luckily, she has her awesome sister to help try to find her way home. On the flip side of the coin, there’s Nick, a young man who doesn’t understand fear and is training to a Pararescue Jumper. With a single meeting, a cascade of events occur that changes both their live.

The plot was intriguing though it a long build up (only to have it cut off with a cliff hanger ending; I need to stop starting series when the second book isn’t out yet). The story is told from both Alex and Nick’s POV, and spends a loy of time dealing with their own struggles (Alex, learning to live with this power, and Nick, training to be a PJ). For quite a while they only met in their sleep in this sort of dreamscape world that is created after Alex meets Nick for the first time. That was easily my favourite parts of the book. It was an interesting (dream) universe with it’s own rules that I would like to explore more of. And there is where we really got to see them build their relationship (from extreme mistrust to an understandable love). It takes more than half the book before we get to see Alex and Nick meet face-to-face and I found that the story was definitely more interesting once we got more into the meat of the story. The rest of the story from here deals more with Alex trying to control her powers, along with some bad guys wanting to manipulate said powers.

Overall, an interesting premise, though it took a lot time to get to it. There were parts that were great and had me invested, and there where parts that were just mediocre, and I could care less. Both characters are interestingly flawed, but they fit will together, which I enjoyed (and thankfully, not insta-love). The ending is a cliff hanger. You’ve been warned.

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  2. Dang, the girl must not get very much sleep. Haha – I know what you mean though … I’ve been trying to hold off on reading the first book in a series until closer to the release of the 2nd one. But there are so many series now. This does sound very interesting though. Great review.

  3. I always wish I had a superpower.

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