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Welcome to The Legendary Lord blog tour! This is the 6th book in Valerie Bowman’s Playful Brides series and it’s definitely a fun historical romance worth checking out! Scroll on down to see a review, check out the excerpt and enter the giveaway for your chance win a copy of The Legendary Lord so you tell me what you think of it!

And if you you want see the rest of the series,  I’ve got the rest if the series reviewed HERE! Each story is a regency twist on a classic story!


Blog Tour: The Legendary Lord by Valerie BowmanThe Legendary Lord (Playful Brides, #6) by Valerie Bowman
Series: Playful Brides #6
Published by St. Martin's Paperbacks on November 1st 2016
Genres: Historical, Historical Romance, Regency, Retelling, Romance
Pages: 320
Source: Netgalley
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When Christian Forester, Viscount Berkeley, flees the stuffy ballrooms of London for his Scottish hunting lodge, the last thing he expects to find ensconced before his fire is an incredibly beautiful woman. But the plight of lovely young Sarah Highgate, who has run away from an unwanted betrothal, inspires an eminently practical exchange. He’ll safeguard her reputation with the ton while she advises him how to best attract a proper bride…
As the undisputed belle of the season, Sarah has enchanted plenty of suitors. Still, she isn’t interested in marriage, especially not to the pompous bore her father has chosen for her. But her hasty escape seems reckless now that she’s estranged from her family and has no one to count on besides Christian. Turning the luckless lord into such a catch has another unplanned consequence for Sarah: Has he run away with her heart?
The Legendary Lord is the sixth installment of Valerie Bowman's Regency-set Playful Brides series.


Who doesn’t love a good Pygmalion story? Especially with a little regency and gender-bender twist! I love that the hero of this story is Christian, Viscount Berkeley, who’s been popping up in the previous book, seemingly to help the heroines get their heroes. Always a friend, never the boyfriend. So it’s extra adorable when he finally goes from our luckless lord to our legendary lord.

Returning to his Scotland home, Christian stumbles upon Sarah Highgate, runaway belle of the season, who thinks she might have had made a mistake running away. Christian agrees to help Sarah return home with minimal scandal if she agrees to turn him into the catch of the season.

Stranded out at Christian’s lodge with nothing but Fergus two (the adorable dog) for a chaperone, I loved seeing the development of Christian and Sarah’s relationship from slightly wary accomplices, to budding friendship, to a cute romance that they both try so hard to deny. And oh I loved reveal of “new” Christian (with all his tips from Sarah) in London and Sarah falling even more head over heels for him!

Christian and Sarah had a really nice chemistry. They’re perfect for each other even if they try to hide that fact. I really liked Christian. I thought he was quite adorable and it wonderful to see him become so confident in himself. Sarah was sweet but a little frustrating for me. I get she doesn’t want to upset her family; it takes a bit, but she does learn to stand up for herself, hallelujah. That’s probably the thing that drags the story a bit. There’s also some over-the-top angst at the end, and it was a pretty done-to-wire for true love to prevail, but have no fear, it all works out.

“I don’t know what to do. I’m so confused.”

“Let me convince you.” He pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

Overall, it was a super cute book with a pretty darn adorable couple who’s perfect for each other, but just require a few kick in the butts to work it all out. And we get the return of the previous characters (Lucy of The Unexpected Duchess is still causing chaos) trying to help out these lovebirds get their happily ever after, which means lots of chaos and hilarious moments. This is definitely worth checking out if you love a good My Fair Lady kind of romance.

“This?” Christian asked, raising the bandaged hand in question. “It’s just something crazy I did for love.”

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About Valerie Bowman

Valerie Bowman is an award-winning author who writes Regency-set historical romance novels aka Racy Regency Romps!

Valerie’s debut novel was published in 2012. Since then, her books have received starred reviews from Publisher’s Weekly, Booklist, and Kirkus. She’s been an RT Reviewers’ Choice nominee for Best First Historical Romance and Best Historical Romance Love and Laughter. Two of her books have been nominated for the Kirkus Prize for fiction.



AKA. The First Meeting

In his thirty years of life, Christian had never seen a sight quite like the one that greeted him when he kicked open the bedchamber door. A beautiful woman stood there brandishing a sword at him. Well, brandishing might be a bit of an overstatement. She could barely lift it an inch from the floor, but she was obviously attempting to brandish it.

Normally, Christian was at a loss in front of a beautiful woman. Well, other than his friends, of course. And this woman was extremely beautiful. She had lush black silky hair that fell in fat curls past her shoulders. She’d obviously unpinned it for her nap. She had pale skin, red lips, an adorable upturned nose, and eyes of palest green, almost crystalline. They were tilted, like a cat’s, and framed by long, sooty lashes. She was dressed as a servant. Had she run away from some estate? Only there wasn’t an estate near here. She must have come far. Regardless, whoever she was, she was an incomparable beauty. And a stranger.

“Get out of here right now, or I’ll cut you in half.” The sword quavered in the woman’s grip, but her eyes narrowed to slits. “I mean it. Leave now. You won’t want to see me angry. I promise you. I’m quite good with a sword.” Again, the sword quivered up another inch.

In other circumstances, Christian would have stuttered in the face of such beauty, wouldn’t have known what to say, would have made an ass of himself. God knew such lack of debonair sophistication was a large part of the reason he’d failed to find a wife in London after all these years. But the audacity of this particular woman—or, more correctly, his anger at her audacity— mixed with his exhaustion, made his encounter with this beautiful woman quite different from all the others.

“What if I told you I have a pistol?” he asked dryly, studying her face to gauge her reaction.

She tossed her curls and lifted her chin higher, but her eyes flashed with a hint of fear. “I have a sword,” she announced, her voice quavering slightly.

“I see that. But I’d like to think we would both agree that a pistol would trump a sword were this little confrontation to turn into actual combat.” He stepped toward her, all the while assessing how carefully and quickly he might disarm her.

Her eyes flashed again. She took a step back. “I . . . I don’t believe you have a pistol. You’d have shown it by now. And I will slice you in half if you take another step closer.”

He pressed his lips together to keep from smiling. “Well, you see,” he said, squinting, “I don’t usually point pistols at ladies. But I’m quickly beginning to consider making an exception in your case. Especially if you continue to threaten me and refuse to put down that sword.”

She did exactly the opposite. She lifted the sword even higher, but the muscles in her upper arms quivered. It had to be a chore for her to keep the thing aloft.

“If you have a pistol, show it. I dare you to,” she said, her jaw clenched.

“Oh, my dear Miss House Thief, don’t tempt me. Now, I’m going to ask you one more time to put down that sword before I force you to put it down. It’s entirely your decision.”

“You’ll have to kill me first. And I’m no house thief.” Her quaking arms lifted the sword even higher, and she had the audacity to jab it toward him slightly.

That was it. Christian was through with this farce. He had to disarm her before she hurt herself or him or, God forbid, the dog, who’d sat in between them watching this peculiar exchange, his ears switching from side to side, no doubt in an effort to hear each of them more clearly.

Christian reached her in two long strides, wrenched the sword out of her hand, twisted her arm behind her back, and pulled her sharply against his chest. “You say you’re not a house thief, but let me see if I have the right of it. You’ve broken into my home and you’re trying to kill me? With my own sword?”

The woman struggled to pull her arm free, but Christian held her fast, her backside squirming against him. He wasn’t about to allow her to scramble away from him. God only knew what she’d scoop up to fight him with next. The dog, perhaps?

“Your home? How do I know this is your home?” she asked in a tone that was both demanding yet edged with fear. And in an accent that was obviously not of a maid, but of a lady. Unexpected.

Her breath came in panting gasps, and her breasts— which Christian had quite a good view of, actually, given that he was close to a foot taller than her— were heaving.

She was frightened. Good. Thieves shouldn’t get too comfortable.

“I damn well know it’s not yours, Miss Thief.”

“I told you. I am not a thief. Let go of me.” She struggled harder to break free of his grasp.

He tightened his hold on her arm. “Is anyone else with you?”


“How long have you been here?”

“This is my third night.”

“You have been in my home three nights?” Outraged, he glanced around the room, searching. “What have you taken?”

“Nothing. How many times do I have to say it? I’m no thief.” She attempted to elbow him in the ribs. He stepped back just in time, mentally thanking his fencing days at Eton for his quick reflexes. He secured her elbow so she couldn’t do it again.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he said calmly, “but unless you can tell me in the next five seconds who you are and why the hell you’re in my house, I’ll be happy to toss you out in the snow, thief or not.” She stopped struggling and made a small gasping noise. That was more like it.

“You’re Master Christian?” Her head snapped to the side, and he saw the outline of her patrician profile, though she still had her back to him.

Christian tightened his grip on her warm wrist. “I’m the one asking questions here, not you,” he growled near her ear. The lily scent was definitely coming from her. Her ebony hair was giving off the essence. It smelled . . . good. Too good.

“I’m trying to prove that I’m not a thief,” she insisted. She’d stopped struggling for the moment. “How else would I know your name?”

Copyright © 2016 Valerie Bowman and reprinted by permission of St. Martin’s Paperbacks.



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  1. Oh I love the trope for this. Will it work as standalone Cyn? Or should I begin at book one?

    1. It can definitely be a standalone! Or read maybe book one to get a bit of an introduction to Christian, it’ll provide a little more background but it’s not necessary to enjoy this cute read!

  2. Such a pretty read. I do enjoy her series as well. So good! I wish I had had time to fit this one in. Glad to see you enjoyed it!

    1. Hope you have some time to sneak it in 😉 It was a lovely read!

  3. don’t like retellings

  4. Ooh, you know I trust your recommendations for historical romance, so I’m definitely going to check this series out! Imma start from the beginning–but I ADORE the idea of a series of retellings! Wonderful review, Cyn!

    1. Yay! It’s a pretty fun series, I’m a fan of all the retellings, too!
      Thanks, Rachel! Hope you enjoy them!

  5. I’m thinking like Kim. I want to jump into this one but I’m torn. I’d like to know his background so I can thoroughly ENJOY Christian in this book but I’d like to read this one now and not wait!!! UGH!!! Too many books!!! My TBR says “Thanks” for introducing yet another new author!!! I’m totally adding this one.

    Oh, and to answer your question, I love this trope, for sure!!! I just never knew it was the Pygmalion effect. I’m so dumb sometimes… Great review!!!!!! Thanks for sharing the excerpt and the giveaway!

    1. It’s tough when it’s so far into the series and the TBR list just gets longer and longer!
      I hope you get a chance to check out this series! I’m a fan of the Pygmalion effect too 🙂
      Thanks, Kristin!

  6. My favorite retelling is Cinderella! I wish someone would gender bend Cinderella, though!

    I haven’t read this series yet, but I’m definitely going to read the first book! <3

    1. Oh man, gender-bender Cinderella would be fantastic! I remember as a kid I watched a gender-bender Cinderella cartoon (I think he was a hippo, haha) and it was fabulous. Hope you enjoy this series, Zeee!

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