Hello hello hello!

So it’s once again time for Book Munchies to be resurrected! Hopefully for the last time, since I’m now a college graduate and have more time to devote to reading and work. Woo Hoo!

To add to the excitement of BM’s return, we also get to welcome another reviewer. Say hi to the ever lovely, Cyn! Helping to bring more content and book reviews, BM is ready for that fresh new start.

But just because there are now two of us, that doesn’t mean BM doesn’t accept anyone who wishes to join us in reviewing, either as a guest reviewer or to contribute consistently. Let us know if you think you’re interested.

Author: Kim

Everything can be made better with a good book or some relaxing knits. 😀 Find me on IG @kimberlyh12 or on Twitter @enervated.

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