It’s Monday! What are you reading?

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Fables: The Deluxe Edition, Vol. 1 by Bill Willingham

Hardcover: 264 pages
Publication date: October 6th, 2009
Publisher: Vertigo
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When a savage creature known only as the Adversary conquered the fabled lands of legends and fairy tales, all of the infamous inhabitants of folklore were forced into exile.

Disguised among the normal citizens of modern-day New York, these magical characters created their own secret society-within an exclusive luxury apartment building on Manhattan’s Upper West Side-called Fabletown. But when Snow White’s party-girl sister, Rose Red, is apparently murdered, it is up to Bigby, Fabletown’s sheriff, and a reformed and pardoned Big Bad Wolf, to determine if the culprit is Bluebeard, Rose’s ex-lover and notorious wife killer, or Jack, her current live-in boyfriend and former beanstalk-climber.

I knew it’d one day come to this point. Everywhere I turn, people I know keep telling me this is a fantastic graphic novel. The idea is definitely interesting, and, from what I’ve read, it’s worth the hype.

Author: Kim

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  1. Deb Nance at Readerbuzz says: Reply

    Sounds like a book I need to add to my wishlist! Thank you.

    Here’s my
    It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?
    I hope you will stop by!

    1. Haha, glad I’m able to help out. It’s pretty great thus far.

  2. I’d heard good things about this too.

    1. As you should, it’s a good graphic novel that holds a lot of appeal to both genders.

  3. Kathy Martin says: Reply

    Love the cover but I haven’t heard of the book. I hope it is all you are expecting. My Monday Report is here. Happy reading!

    1. It’s a graphic novel that I think deserves just as much attention (if not more) than the Walking Dead. Sure zombies are kind of an It thing right now, but remakes of fairy tales is truly where we should be looking. 😉

  4. Oo, this sounds so good!! I love fairy tales and fables, and when they are modernized and for adults they are even better. Have a great week!

    1. It’s pretty fantastic. The author has done something amazing with these characters and it works. (: If you’re a fan of graphic novels, then definitely do check this one out.

  5. Fables looks really cool! Hope it is!

    Happy reading this week 🙂
    The Brunette Librarian Blog

  6. I keep meaning to add the Fables series to my wishlist as so many people recommend them! Hope you enjoy it, looking forward to reading what you thought.

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