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This week’s topic is: SPORTS (that I play(ed))

So as a kid, I was a pretty sporty – I tried and played a lot of different sports. Volleyball is still probably my most favourite to play!

I think my first sports club that I actually did was soccer when I was 8. My best friend’s dad was the coach and I played with a lot of the neighbourhood kids. I loved soccer so much than, and I was a pretty decent defense-man, haha. I joined my elementary school volleyball  team (I was actually quite good, considering how short I am, muaahah), basketball team, and track and field, too. Oh I learned to skate too, because living in Canada, you gotta know how to skate.

In high school, I stuck with volleyball and track and field, though I was terrible with long distance (seriously, I had terrible endurance! Which I actually found out only recently was probably due to a heart murmur I have, that I didn’t know about. Strange huh!) I learned to curl* too and played on the girl’s curling team!

*Curling: the Canadian winter sport that involves throwing a heavy rock down a sheet of ice, and sweeping. And yelling.

In Uni, I somehow ended up doing a lot of campus rec sports (which was good, because I needed a reason to exercise, haha). I somehow go roped into Ultimate Frisbee, which was alwaaaays so tiring for me because somehow there was only ever like 2 girls playing  and since it was a co-rec, there always need to be 2 girls on the field :/). And of course, my co-rec volleyball, and one time I did basketball, too. Oh and a few years of curling. One year, our curling team actually won the B League (there was A – which was the best, B – for the middling, and C – for the easiest)! We got sweet neon green champion t-shirts (:

Other random sports that I’ve tried: hockey, badminton, frolf (Frisbee golf), surfing, others I can’t think of?

So if you haven’t guessed by now, I really like sports! And I’m always willing to try out a new one.

How about you guys! Do you like playing sports? What’s your favourite sport to play? Ones you wanna try?

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  1. I played field hockey in school. Rollerskating was my favorite outdoor activity. We would skate from sunrise to sunset and then go to the roller skating rink on weekends.

    1. I don’t think I’ve every played field hockey, only ice, haha. I love to rollerskating, too! I’ve tried roller-skating and it’s much hard for me, lol.

  2. We can definitely say without a doubt that you’re into sports! 🙂 I’ve played soccer and volleyball, too, but I was also A LOT into swimming. Hockey is something that has always fascinated me, but it’s not a sport you can choose from where I come from (I live in UK but I’m from Italy).

    P.S.: I’m a new follower via Bloglovin’ 🙂

    1. I’m such a terrible swimmer, but I love watching speed swimming, haha. Oh, yes, not a lot ice hockey in either places! I hope you get to try it sometime!

  3. Wow, good on you for joining a lot of sports and it’s a fun way of keeping active, being social and challenging yourself! I myself am super unco. The only thing I’m good at when it comes to sports is ice skating/roller blading.

    1. I love skating/rollerblading! Did you do a lot of ice skating Australia? I keep bugging my cousins there to come visit me in Canada, so I can take them ice skating, haha.

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