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Hi guys, welcome to Book Munchies’ Musing about Things: A Discussion (Post). Inspired by memes such as A Daily Rhythm‘s Musing Monday & Caffeinated Book Reviewer‘s Caffeinated Confessions (etc.), this is a Book Munchies discussion post, where I’ll be rambling about (mostly) book-related things and hopefully you guys will join in on the fun too (:

So today’s topic is: Mini (short) reviews!

On the blog, you may have noticed that there’s a feature called “Really Really Short Reviews“, which features really really short reviews! I want to say this is a pretty popular occurrence in the book blog-o-sphere, the mini reviews, and personally I love them.

Sometimes I like writing a detailed review that gets to the heart of the book, why I love (or hate) something and I definitely enjoy reading a nice detailed review of other bloggers, but sometimes it’s just really nice to have a quick and dirty review. A fast ‘tell me why you love or a hate a book in 10 seconds or less!’ kinda deal.

The mini review makes you be more concise. It’s your first thought about the book.  And they make great teasers.

There was a sheep named Dinner. I laughed.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a couple who like each and is willing to admit it without all the drama.

Are you intrigueeed yet?
Are you intrigueeed yet?

That was my very first really really short review for A Night to Surrender by Tessa Dare (:

As life gets busier, the more appealing mini reviews become. They’re quick write and they quick to read. They’re also great for those books that leave you a little for words. Anyway, I love writing mini review, and I love reading people’s mini reviews.

I also usually fill my mini reviews with quotes. Everyone loves a good quote teaser right?

Did you know there’s a lamb in here?”

“Never mind it. That’s dinner.”

She gave it a smile and a friendly pat. “Hullo, Dinner. Aren’t you a sweet thing.”

“It’s not his name, it’s his…function.” – A Night to Surrender


So, do guys write mini reviews? Like reading mini reviews? Like the perks of them? Write them often?

Or are you a long review writer/reader? Or like to write mini review, but read long reviews?

Tell me all your thoughhhhts!

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8 Replies to “Musing About Things: Mini Reviews”

  1. Mini reviews are perfect for those books that there just isn’t a huge amount to say. I love reading them as well and they can definitely be great for hooking me!

  2. I like and write mini reviews. I don’t like reading long reviews so I don’t write them .

  3. I think I will try these, as they would be perfect for those books that I can’t think of a lot to say about….thanks! Here is MY MUSING MONDAYS POST

  4. I don’t know, I read mini reviews less because I like a bigger review, I like more detail, more room to be emotional and share opinions more in depth, so I don’t tend to click on them at all.. whoops? I’m so odd that way, but still, super good post Cyn! 🙂

  5. I like reading mini reviews and don’t mind doing them on Goodreads.

  6. I like both – and hope to control myself once and write one, lol! I’ve wanted to do these forever, but just never do. It seems perfect for books that I enjoy, but need less to get the point across.
    Thanks Cyn, for the great post 🙂

  7. Apparently I have an inability to keep things brief, so all my reviews end up being ridiculously long, to the point where I’m pretty sure no one ever reads to the end of them (as in, they’re often over 1000 words long). I blame doing English Literature at university – I got used to writing essays about books, and it’s blended into my reviewing style!
    I might give mini reviews a try though, just to see if I can do it. Great post 🙂

  8. I just posted some mini reviews today, but they’re not as brief as yous!! You are super concise!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

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