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Hi guys, welcome to Book Munchies’ Musing about Things: A Discussion (Post). Inspired by memes such as Should Be Reading‘s Musing Monday & Caffeinated Book Reviewer‘s Caffeinated Confessions (etc.), this is a Book Munchies discussion post, where I’ll be rambling about (mostly) book-related things and hopefully you guys will join in on the fun too (:

So today’s topic is: Picking your next book to read!

Okay, so I’m kind of on a book slump right now and for the life of me can’t decide what book I want to read next.



So I thought we can discuss how you usually choose your next read!


Before I stared blogging choosing my next read was pretty simple. It was go to the library see what they had and pick the one(s) that sounded/looked the most interesting and there we go!



Either that or just continue on with whatever series and/or author I happened to be reading/liking.


After I started blogging, it was a little more … difficult. Or rather it’s because:

Increase amount of reading + the time constraint x increase of new book exposure = harder to pick books to read.

Now that I have (e)ARCs thrown into the mix of books that I can select from, I need to be more aware of timing. Though I don’t follow a specific reading schedule for my arcs, I still do like to have them read within the month it’s published, so I make sure to try to keep tabs on those and fit them in accordingly. These ones I usually pick them by the one I’m dying to read most (because sometimes I have no will power to wait), than to which is been published first.

Among the ARCs are all the other books! These are usually the hardest to choose. I think I usually go with the ones I’ve reaaaaalllly been waiting for (usually books in a series) and then after I read a really good one, I tend to read similar books/genres  until I feel the need for a change.

This usually results in a lot binge reading (if time permits), like Historical Romances, if I read a really good one, I tend to read three more almost in a row, just because that’s the genre that’s making me happy right now. And that basically goes for any genre. Like I mentioned in the Summer Reads post; I love to binge read cute contemporaries in the summer. So I use this as a gauge for picking what’s next on the reading docket.



Lately because of my book club, I usually always have on hand at least one book I know I want/need to read. So that can be kind of helpful, too.

I have a super long TBR list, but I rarely read it in the order I add to it. Basically, my method most of the time, is what do I feel like reading, genre-wise. It seems usually to work for me well (except when I’m in a book-ish slump apparently, and nothing seems appealing, *sadface)


So guys, how do you usually pick what you read next?

Do you have a set TBR list that your go-to? Or more like me, and go with gut feeling from a list of choices?

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  1. Re-read Harry Potter with me!!! And listen to Cherish 😉

    1. I can’t not re-read Harry Potter and not listen to Cherish. Is that what you’re reading now? haha.

      1. Yes…I started Philosopher’s Stone last week and I’m somehow on Half-Blood Prince now. Funny how that happens 😉

  2. I can completely understand how *before* book blogging books were picked based on what you *wanted* to read at that moment. Now, as a book blogger, you may get the chance to read some awesome arcs and you have to schedule them to make sure all fits into your time. Whew, it’s hard not to be grabby hands, isn’t it?! LOL.

    1. Yes, agree with the grabby hands! haha. I’m trying really hard to not over-do it, but there’s always so many awesome arcs around right?

  3. I was actually just thinking about this over the weekend! I picked up TEN books from the library on Friday and was not at all sure which one to pick up first! I finally decided that I wanted something light this weekend after a big nonfiction phase over the past week or so–so I decided to start with The Vacationers which I think will be a relatively short, family drama-type read. I never pick from my TBR list in any kind of chronological order–it’s more about what’s available, and what I’m in the mood for on any particular cay.

    1. There’s just too many choices right! I’m usually based on mood, too.

  4. What a coincidence my Musing touches on an element of this. I do schedule my reading but went on holiday and found it liberating to go back to reading what I wanted for a couple of weeks. As much as I love blogging it definitely means I don’t have time to read everything I want to. Here is my MM

    1. I do love having the freedom to pick whatever whenever, haha. Agree, love blogging but sometimes it’s nice to take a break and just read without having to worry about the blog!

  5. Choosing books can be so hard! For me at the moment, the biggest problem is there’s so many I want to read, but there’s also a huge pile of library books I want to get through. I keep standing at my shelves saying “Yes, you’re definitely next. Oh but I want to read you, too. Oh but this one I bought a while ago, I should read it. I completely forgot this one. OMG WHAT DO I READ???”

    My musing:

    1. It’s always a never ending list isn’t it! Sometime, I just wanna close my eyes and grab on of the shelf, and that it’ll be the one, haha.

  6. Since blogging I read ARCs before I read other books off my shelf. I really liked the Random Reads meme because I got to books I might otherwise not have picked up for a while – have to get back to that one. Usually if its not an arc I just take off the shelf whatever I feel like at the time regardless of how long or how short a time its been on my TBR. Here’s my MM:

    1. Ah me, too. ARCS first. But I’m trying to not do that as much. I find it burns me out a bit. It’s definitely nice to just pick whatever the heck next right!

  7. I always have an audio and book going at the same time. The audio is totally my choice, but the books are a mix of arc and personal. I tend to read arcs during the week and my books over the weekend. I pick my arcs from the month ahead, and my personal on mood. I never read the same genre or series back to back. I get burned out that way.

    1. I’ve been thinking of working in more audiobooks! I find sometimes if I read my arcs too soon, I can’t remember what I want to talk about in my reviews lol (also b/c I never write my reviews right away, even though I have the intention haha).
      Oh that’s a good method, I definitely binge read genres 😡

  8. I recently revamped my reading system and I deleted my TBR list, Goodreads account etc. I now do what you used to do, and I pick my books by going to the library and chose books that catch my interest. I’m so glad I decided to go this route and I don’t think I’ll ever go back!

    1. It’s such a nice feeling to just go with what flow right! I’m trying to request less arcs so I have the freedom to chose more (: I’m glad that route is working out for you!!

  9. Personally, I have a schedule that I’ve made up for myself. Right now, it goes through the end of the year, and it has all the books that I want/need to read. Well not ALL of them haha. But the ones that I most want to read and the ARCs that are due in certain months. At the beginning of the month, I’ll take all of the books that I’ll be reading that month and put them in a big pile on my desk. Then, when I finish one book, I just go and pick another one from the pile! Usually just whichever one I’m in the mood for next.

    1. Wow! Through to the end of the year? I usually sorta schedule by a week-to-week basis. Anything longer and I probably won’t follow it, haha. Arcs due dates definitely play a factor!
      That’s sounds like a fun method, it’s like organized chaos! Have your set book, but freedom to choose among those!
      Thanks for stopping by!

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