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Hi guys, welcome to Book Munchies’ Musing about Things: A Discussion (Post). Inspired by memes such as Books and a Beat‘s Musing Monday & Caffeinated Book Reviewer‘s Caffeinated Confessions (etc.), this is a Book Munchies discussion post, where I’ll be rambling about (mostly) book-related things and hopefully you guys will join in on the fun too (:

So today’s topic is: Do you read those really highly anticipated you were super excited about the year before?!

Hey so it’s already December and that always means year end lists! Doing the Top Ten is one of my favourite things to do. And of course, usually the week long posts always end with a “Top Ten Most Anticipated Reads” of next year.

I was looking at my last year’s list and I was thinking “Hey! Did I even read those books that I was so crazy excited for?” Out of the ten 2016 anticipated books, I managed to read 8 of them!

Which I’m actually kind of of surprised about (because two of them have been out for months and months and I only read them a couple weeks ago so it easily could have been 6).

So I’ve been doing the Top Ten list for a few years now and here are my stats:

2016 anticipated books read: 8/10

2015 anticipated books read: 6/10

2014 anticipated books read: 8/10

2013 anticipated books read: 6/10

Apparently I’m either a read almost all of them, or a read just over half. I’d say I’m fairly successful, but not as successful as I thought I would be, haha.

I find that the books I’m crazy excited for I either:

  1. Read right away as soon it comes out (i.e A Gathering of Shadows)
  2. Lose interest in it as newer books are introduce to me, or reviews may sway my vote (i.e Wink Poppy Midnight – I still love the gorgeous cover though!).
  3. Just keep forever on my TBR, even thought I have every intention of reading it (i.e. The Impostor Queen)
  4. Finally work up the courage to pick it said books (excitement and expectations can play a big role)! And I think to myself, well dang, what took so long (i.e. The Forbidden Wish and Rebel of the Sand which came out Feb/March and I read in end of Nov).


So how about you guys, do you usually get around to reading a lot of your anticipated reads?

Do some of them just get lost in the wind as new books come to your realization, are some just forgotten about?

Do you sometimes feel sad that you don’t get around to them all? (I know I do sometimes, but such is life and it’s always too many books, not enough time).

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26 Replies to “Musing About Things: Reading Most Anticipated Books”

  1. There are some books that stick with me no matter what and I have to read, but others get replaced by new must-reads. It’s always mixed for me — I’m easily distracted by pretty shiny books lol

    1. Haha, agree, it is very easy to get distracted by shiny new books! And there’s just so little time in a day… /sigh.

  2. I don’t think I ever get to all the ones I wanted to read, they come out and then all of a sudden I have so many other things I want to read and they get pushed down on the stack.

    1. I can totally see that happening! Though I do love those surprise books that I wasn’t expecting to read but end up loving them!

  3. It is hard to read every anticipated read with all of the other books in our TBRs.

    Here is my MM:

    1. Very true. TBRs can really get out of hand sometimes!

  4. Yes. I think I read all of my anticipated reads from last year. There are just some authors I cannot miss out on, and those are the ones I usually put on my list. So I’m sure to hit 100%. LOL

    Great stats!

    1. Congrats! I always have a few that slip through the crack haha.
      Thanks, Angie!

  5. It’s funny but I tend to stall on reading books I’ve really been looking forward to reading! I think it’s because I’m worried about being disappointed so I tend to read “safe” books first. I’m impressed with how well you do on yours. I think I’m definitely in the less than half bracket.

    1. Sometimes I do that too. It’s like high risk, high reward (or big disappointment!), hence I always have a few books that I wait months on months before reading. It’s always good to have a stash of safe books for when you need them 😉
      Thanks! I’m surprised by how well did actually, haha

  6. I tend to read them, unless for some reason early reviews from peeps I trust reveal things that have me backpedaling. Why I am bad at is this: I preorder books often as soon as the preorder pops up..Maybe 20 a year. Some of those books will sit in my tbr pile for a YEAR or more! Then I kick myself after.

    1. Haha, it can be so hard to resist pre-ordering! Everything is all new and exciting 😉 I have a similar problem of buying books on sale and than leaving them there for far too long!

  7. I think that’s pretty darn good! I haven’t made a list before but I tend to read most of what I’m excited for…I think. lol

    1. Haha, thanks Anna! I usually do one each year of the Top Ten post so it was easy to look back. I don’t usually add all my anticipated romance novels, but I think I do a better job with those than my YA books.

  8. I really tried this year to concentrate more on my TBR pile than on ARCs and while I could have done better, I don’t think I did bad either. I actually got quite a few read which was very nice. I’m hoping to do more of that in the new year as well.

    1. That’s awesome! I always say every year that’ll I’ll try to read more TBRs but it can be so easy to get distracted by the shiny new ARCs sometimes /sigh, haha. Good luck inn the new year!

  9. I’m so bad about reading the things I’m excited for! I’m curious now to look at my stats, though I don’t know what years I necessarily made a list. I’m planning to work on my TBR next year and try not to add so many books to it! I’ve got too many books sitting on my shelves unread. That means those anticipated ones should get read! Woo!

    1. I’m a mix match of reading them right away, or leaving them for a really long time, haha. Good luck with your TBR! Yay for getting to those anticipated reads!

  10. I definitely have some that fall by the wayside, I can think of a few right now lol. So yeah definitely. I actually think you’re doing pretty good with those results. 🙂 I haven’t looked back at my own but it’s spotty. They seem to fall into two categories- those that I’m excited about and read right away, and the ones that languish for a long time…

    1. Thanks, Greg! My anticipated books usually go into one of those two categories too! It’s easy to get distracted by all the other books!

  11. I need to go back and look at my lists….hang on! I didn’t make a list last year because Rowan was born at the beginning of December and I wasn’t reading or blogging much for a few months. After looking at my last 2 lists, I didn’t read as many as I would like and it’s usually for all the same reasons you list. I let early reviews sway me or I get distracted by newer releases/ARCs. It looks like I did a lot better pre kids lol. I feel sad that I can’t read all the books quite often.

    I think you did awesome with your lists! There’s so many amazing releases each year. It’s hard to stay focused on the ones you were excited about 6/8/10 months ago.

    1. Early reviews and shiny new ARCs are definitely big reasons for anticipated books getting waylaid for me too. And you are right, it can be hard to stay focused on books you waited so long for!
      Haha, I would imagine kids would take up a lot of time 😉

  12. Well, now I’ll have to go check my lists because I’m curious. I’m guessing I’m horrible at reading those anticipated reads, because that’s just the way I am! … Okay, I just went and looked, and I actually did pretty well on all the books I listed as planning to read in 2016, but it helps that I mostly listed review books that I KNEW I’d be reading. The only one I haven’t gotten to is Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard, but I actually have the audiobook on hold at the library, so I’ll be reading it soon!

    1. Yay for doing pretty well 😉 Haha. sometimes my list is kind of like that too. But I think that’s okay, because those are ones you still are really anticipating/excited to read!

  13. I checked my list for 2016, and I have read zero out of the ten I put on my TTT. I think it’s mostly because I put myself on a tight book budget this year, so I didn’t buy a lot of books. Plus I got sidetracked by other discoveries throughout the year! XD

    1. That’s definitely fair! I also get easily distracted by new discoveries!

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