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Hi guys, welcome to Book Munchies’ Musing about Things: A Discussion (Post). Inspired by memes such as Should Be Reading‘s Musing Monday & Caffeinated Book Reviewer‘s Caffeinated Confessions (etc.), this is a Book Munchies discussion post, where I’ll be rambling about (mostly) book-related things and hopefully you guys will join in on the fun too (:

So today’s topic is: series, standalones, and companion books!


aka. the long wait. Unless you’re smart enough to wait for the whole series to be done, than it’s the binge/marathon read.



I love series because we get to see more of that character and that universe,  but sometimes its also super frustrating.  I think as of late I’m a bit tired of series just because the YA universe went a little crazy with the trilogy. The wait between books is usually frustrating because most of the time the book ends up being a cliffhanger (rant about cliffhangers another time) and than we have to wait foreveeeeer (aka a year but it always feels longer than that) for the next book.

Also, there’s always that chance and fear that the next book just isn’t as good. And sometimes when authors stretch it to three books, I feel like book a lot of times ends up being a filler/big lead up to the finale, but doesn’t actually contain it’s own story.  I definitely like that during the big explosion of YA dystopia trilogy. Though, thankfully this last year and this year, I feel like it’s been really good for solid or even better sequels. I’m also happy that most authors are turning towards doing duology instead of trilogy.

I don’t read a lot bigger sagas (aka more than 3 or 4 books). I couldn’t image having to wait so long for a series to end. Though, I guess I’ve started the Throne of Glass saga and that’s suppose to be at least 6 books, eep.

This is I think I’m going to try cutting back in series reading, or at least pick series that are done. Though…I already started The Winner’s Curse and it’s killing me that we have to wait a year for the next book ):  My main problem is, as I’m waiting for the next book in a series, I end up starting another one during the wait, and than I have to wait for that one, and it just ends up being a crazy vicious cycle. sigh.


All by myself~♫



I’m definitely appreciating the standalones! I feel like standalones are perfect for contemporary but it’s so much hard for fantasy/sci-fi/dystopia/paranormal etc., which is understandable but sometimes I wished there was more standalones for those types of book. I mean, a lot of the more classic reads are standalones. Ie. I just read Day of the Triffids which is totally is (post)apocalyptic/sci and it’s a standalone and it was fully developed with lots of good thinking questions. Oh and there was Vicious by V.E Schwab. A cool superhero book that was standalone, yet totally fulfilling in all my needs.

Let me tell you, it’s nice to only have to read one book to get everything you need. It’s so satisfying.


They have their own identity but they’re also like best friends, together forever.



The companion books. I think these are almost my favourite. Mostly because because we get more of the universe (and even possibly of the characters we loved in the first book in the background) and each book can be it’s own standalone. That’s nice. For example, I’m totally loving The Starbound series by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner because These Broken Stars is a fantastic standalone in a really cool universe, but now we get more of that universe without having to ruin the happy ending for the couple.

Though at the same time, I still have to suffer through wait most of the time because usually there’s also a little teaser about the next books or we’ve met the characters already and I so badly want them to have their own books.

I’ve notice companion books are most popular with romance novels. Which can be fantastic! Because I always want those awesome friends/sibling etc. to have their happy ending, too (: I also really enjoy the Anna and the French Kiss series by Stephanie Perkins because those are cute companion books were we still get a bit of Anna and Etienne.

So what are your thoughts on standalones, series, and companion books? Are you sick of series, too? Or still totally loving it? Have you been trying to read more standalones? I have, especially with the slew of delightful new YA contemporaries.


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  1. I’m sick of series. Most series I have read contain books that feel like fillers only. Plus, maybe it’s just me, but some series tend to get longer with each book that comes out. Harry Potter is one that comes to mind. Then there are those with 10 or more books. I think that’s overdoing it. I enjoy standalone books. No problem with them whatsoever. I love companion books. No complaints with them either.

    1. That’s the crappy part, nobody’s got time for fillers! Oh very true, you can always tell when you put them next to each other & it looks like its doubled in size! I don’t mind the really long series, as long as they’re more like “companion” rather than one reallllly long story. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I just bought Throne of Glass too and I’m excited, but also dreading that it’s six books. That number is looming over me! I much prefer trilogies, because I feel like we get to experience so much from that universe, without it dragging on, you know?
    Then again, The Raven Cycles is four books and I so wish it would go on forever. I could get lost in those books until the end of time!

    1. I just assumed it was a trilogy when I started the series, definitely had no idea it was going to be that long! I haven’t read The Raven Cycles yet, but I should. I totally know what you mean though. The Lunar Chronicles is 4 too, but I almost wish it was longer b/c I love it so much haha. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Lovely article! I totally agree with your sentiment about series, they are getting tiring. Especially when it’s an excuse to drag the story over a series of books and make more money. Cliffhangers, loose ends, disappointing endings, it’s all amplified when it’s a series. I myself am loving standalones so if we’re disappointed, it’s only with 1 book and not 3-7-10.

    1. I hate when they drag on and it just ends up being fillers (especially just for the sake of money). Haha, very true! At least with the standalone, you don’t waste as much time either if the book is disappointing, too 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

    1. The wait can be so terrible.

  4. I love series, but I usually try to read them once they are finished and then binge read them in a week! I hate having to wait for the next book to come out since I probably read more than 20 books a year and when the next one in a series comes out I might be reading another series and I might have forgotten some of the background details from the first book and I might have to skim read the first book again!
    Sometimes I prefer standalones though, for example when I’m at uni and have to revise or don’t have that much spare time I’d rather read one book and start another standalone one whenever I have enough time, so I usually leave series for the summer or Christmas or Easter holidays when I have more time to read them 🙂
    Thank you for the post! As you can see by my rant here I loved the discussion! haha 🙂

    1. I’m terrible at that too, forgetting details, especially if the series isn’t one of my favourites. Because, yes, when you read a lot of books, it can get hard to keep everything in order haha. I love standalones, for sneaking in between things. too (: Glad you enjoyed the discussion! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I just talked about this a couple of weeks ago. I’m really just over series, too–for the same reasons: too long in between, unnecessary trilogies, etc–but I keep starting them anyway. I just read The Winner’s Curse a little over a week ago, and the way it ends. Gah! I tend to prefer contemporary novels that are usually standalones, but I do love a good companion novel. The Stephanie Perkin books are a great example. I adore those. I can’t wait for the third book. Great post!

    1. I love your new design, by the way. Super cute!

    2. The problem is, it’s so hard to resist sometimes haha. I’ve noticed there’s not a lot of YA companion series as compared to adult romance and stuff. I’m really excited for the third book, too! Thanks for stopping by (:
      PS. Thanks! Kim picked it out.

  6. Great article, Cyn! I enjoy series, but as we all know it’s frustrating to wait. Even worse if middle books end up being more of a filler 🙁 But, there’s not much else that compares to a wonderful series, with an epic conclusion. I’m enjoying the trend this year on more companion and duology books which is a nice change. 🙂

    1. Definitely makes me sad when the middle book is a filler ): That’s the perks of series I guess, the epic conclusion and a job well done 😉 I’m enjoying the new trend, too! Thanks for stopping by Kim!

  7. I agree about series and trilogies. The first book hooks you, the middle book just set the stage for book three and then you hope the last book is really good. I like companion books best too. Here is my musing: Mixed Book Bag

    1. Nothing worse than a slow book two and a disappointing finale, right? Though I feel like this year, all the middle books I’ve read have been doing pretty good 😉
      I love that companion books are basically a mix of series and standalones.

  8. I completely agree with you about series and trilogies. Also YA needs to appreciate how quickly the next books come out. They’re usually within a year of each other. So lucky! Let’s compare to Kristen Britain’s Green Rider series or George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series. Epic cliffhangers and no clear date for the next book. Publishers like to guess but it could be several years.

    I may be sick of series, but that doesn’t stop me from reading them. Lol. I prefer standalones, but I don’t read quite very many of them. I’m a weirdo.

    1. Arg true, though a year is still so long /tears. I’m reading the Song of Ice and Fire series, but I’m just taking my sweet, sweet time doing it haha. It’s kind of terrible that people are scared Martin will die before he finishes the series 😐

      I know what you mean! Damn you tempting series. I’m glad I hoped on the YA contemporary train this year, lots of standalones!

      1. There is that fear with Song of Ice and Fire. Especially when you consider the fact that he doesn’t want anyone to finish it he dies before it’s done. But yeah. I can still understand the pain of the year.

        I’m so weird about YA contemporary books. I won’t read them unless the summary really sells itself to me. Though, strangely, contemporary is my fave romance genre. 😐

  9. I really don’t like long series, but that said, I do read them. I MUCH prefer when all the books in a series are already out. If I have to wait a year, chances are pretty good that I’ll forget much of what happened in the first book.

    1. I have that terrible problem too, about forgetting details. Especially if I don’t entirely love, love the book and there’s just so many other series I’m trying to keep track of too.
      I only have one or two really long series. I try to stick to trilogy or 4 books max. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. This is such a hard question. I love good standalones, series, and companion books. I can’t choose! 🙂

    1. There’s definitely nothing wrong with loving them all!

  11. Series are my favorite, I think…but the wait and/or length of some series is a killer. I’ve decided to stop reading series unless all of the books are published, but sometimes that’s really hard, or you read a new release and don’t even realize that the author is going to write more until it’s too late! And it’s tough with the fantasy/dystopian/sci-fi genres, like you mentioned. I’m having this problem where I want to start getting more into fantasy, but all the books I want to read are the first in a series that is either really long or not fully published, and I don’t know what to do!

  12. I’ve always liked a good series but I’ve read a couple of standalones lately and it has been really nice just being done with the story after a good read. No waiting or trying to remember the story a year from now when the next book comes out. 🙂 It’s also nice to see the trend towards duologies.

    I’ve had a series that I read the first two books, waiting for the third and when it finally came out I was like… eh, I guess I’ll read it eventually just to get the ending but I don’t really care that much anymore. So the wait for series can definetly kill the enthusiasm.

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