Reverse Author Interview #10: Jodi Lynn Anderson

Reverse Author InterviewsUp next: Jodi Lynn Anderson!

What makes all the work and effort of book blogging worth it for you?

Cyn: Definitely when I can share a book I love with another person! Nothing makes me happier than when someone gets a great read because I was able to bring a book to their attention (:

What are your favorite classics — both adult and young adult?

Cyn: Mmm, classics. Pride and Prejudice will always be one of tops. Does Princess Bride count as a classic? haha.

What has been your favorite interview and why?

Kim: There’s no specific interview in mind but I like ones that tell more than your average “I started writing from this young age, and I just shut myself away and writewritewrite!” There are always some standard questions that get asked, especially to writers. It’s fun when I come across an interview that goes beyond that.


jodi lynn andersonAuthor. Lover of long, rambling Russian books and most movies containing British people.

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