Reverse Author Interview #5: Nancy Werlin

Reverse Author InterviewsBringing us a serious question is Nancy Werlin!

As a reviewer, would you give a full reaction to this fascinating and disturbing article in the NYTimes.

Kim: When I decided to start doing book reviews, it was because I wanted to talk about books I’ve read. And to be able to recommend the ones I loved. (Or, conversely, let my opinion be known on which books I disliked.) The idea of making money off of a book review site isn’t unheard of. What with the associates program on Amazon, or just selling adspace on the blog. But what I don’t like is the idea that someone is selling their integrity as reviewers. Doing something like that makes me less likely to believe what is said in those reviews. I read tons of reviews myself, because I’m looking for a truthful, helpful guide to whether or not to pick up a new book, whether it’s worth my time, or if there’s something else I might prefer instead. Falsifying reviews for pay demeans book reviewers as a whole and the people who read those reviews.


Nancy WerlinNancy Werlin writes young adult fiction: New York Times–bestselling fantasy, Edgar-award winning suspense, and National Book Award-honored realistic novels.

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