Reverse Interview #8: Jay Kristoff

Reverse Author InterviewsJay Kristoff is next up to bat!

How do you hear about the books you want to read? Friends? Blogs? Goodreads? Telepathic powers?

Kim: A lot of it comes from friends or work. Seeing what’s in store and perusing, talking to customers who also read some of the same genre, or chatting wtih coworkers who like similar titles all add up to a large list of books to possibly choose from.

How do you acquire most of your books? Amazon? Local store? Library? At gunpoint?

Cyn: Library! The library has been my best friend since I got a library card at the age of 5. What’s a better way to get all the books I ever wanted without spending a fortune? I also try to support local bookstores when I do purchase books.

Do you prefer first person PoV stories (I did this) or third person (she/he did this)?

Cyn: I’m pretty good with either or, as long as it makes sense with the story being told.


Jay KristoffJay Kristoff grew up in the most isolated capital city on earth and fled at his earliest convenience, although he’s been known to trek back for weddings of the particularly nice and funerals of the particularly wealthy. He spent most of his formative years locked in his bedroom with piles of books, or gathered around dimly-lit tables rolling polyhedral dice. Being the holder of an Arts degree, he has no education to speak of. Jay Kristoff has managed to trick the world into thinking he’s an author. His debut novel, STORMDANCER, billed as a dystopian Japanese-inspired Steampunk Fantasy, is out now through Thomas Dunne/Tor UK.

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