Review: A Fool’s Errand by Maureen Fergus

A Fool's Errand - Maureen FergusPublisher: Razorbill (October 8th 2013)
Hardcover: 528 pages
Series: Gypsy King #2
Source: Penguin Canada & Goodreads
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Rating: 4 of 5 stars

In the final moments of The Gypsy King, a truth was revealed to Persephone and Azriel – one that could change everything forever. For her. For him. For them. For the entire kingdom.

But trapped in a windowless castle chamber with soldiers battering at the door, it seems impossible to believe that they’ll even survive. Indeed, they are a heartbeat from death when Azriel boldly bargains with the Regent Mordecai: release them and they will seek out the mythical healing Pool of Genezing. Mordecai agrees but warns that if they do not return with proof that the pool exists, he’ll make those dearest to them suffer – and he’ll start with King Finnius.

Persephone has never needed Azriel’s teasing warmth as much as she needs it now, but she is finding out there is a price to pay for having broken past promises. Together, they set off on a journey that will take them into the farthest corners of the kingdom.Danger will ever lie ahead and behind them; they will battle men and beasts alike. Will Persephone and Azriel survive these perils? And will this quest see their romance grow cold – or will it burn hotter than ever?


Hmm…in short, this was my overall react to the book: YOU ARE KILLING ME BOOK.

Okay, a slightly more coherent review now. (Please note: it’ll be sorta vague due to the major spoiler alert nature of the book, I’ll try to refrain from ruining anything)

So, if you guys remember the ending of The Gypsy King really left us hanging. A Fool’s Errand starts off right there! (so slight-ish spoiler alert for the ending of The Gypsy King coming up). So crazy evil Regent Mordecai has Persephone and Azriel trapped in a corner, ready to send them off with their heads, when suddenly big revelations are announced (sorry can’t tell you!). Azriel bargains for their safety and that of King Finnius, in exchange, they will find proof of the magical healing pool that can help Mordecai’s with his disfigurement. Not a fool, Mordecai decides to let them search for it (while already planning to back stab them when they get back – this isn’t spoilers because we all know Mordecai is crazy evil). Persephone and Azriel have 100 days to return to Parthania with proof, or heads will roll. And so Persephone and Azriel (and friends) trekking across the land, through the snowy mountain lands of the Khans, to the Islands of storms, and to the mines in search of evidence.

It’s quite the page-turning adventurous story as Persephone and Azriel face some crazy obstacles. I was definitely kept on the edge of my seat. The book still has the  great details (again, a brick of a book) and the same dark undertones, especially with the subplot with Mordecai and Finn. I swear, Mordecai gets crazier and more evil with every page. This subplot definitely followed the court intrigue outline. We do get to see more of Finn, and I really enjoyed watching be more of a character of capability rather than just a puppet.

Another aspect of the book I really enjoyed was Persephone and Azriel romance. Just when Persephone finally may accept her feelings for Azriel, outed secrets change the dynamic all around. I still adore Azriel. He’s just so charming and quite the silly guy, but knows what he needs to do and sacrifice in order to help Persephone. I also really like Rachel, Persephone’s doppelganger, she’s so adorable.

Okay, so why only the 4 stars? It had adventure, intrigue & romance, all well written and engaging, what more would I ask for? … An ending. AGAIN! I’m left hanging /teaaaars. It’s killing me a bit.

Overall, it was a exciting follow up to The Gypsy King, with lots of crazy twist and turns, macabre moments, and adorable romance. A definite must-read if you read the first one, and a fantastic series to check out (maybe once the whole series is out so ya ain’t left hanging haha) if you want a little more to your  historical romance/action. Basically, I need the last book now please, I need to know what happens from here!!

{*Thanks to the publisher and Goodreads First Read Program for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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