Review: Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult and Samantha van Leer

Publisher: Emily Bestler Books/Atria/Simon Pulse(June 26, 2012)
Hardcover:  358 pages
Source: B&N ARC
Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Delilah is a bit of a loner who prefers spending her time in the school library with her head in a book—one book in particular. Between the Lines may be a fairy tale, but it feels real. Prince Oliver is brave, adventurous, and loving. He really speaks to Delilah.

And then one day Oliver actually speaks to her. Turns out, Oliver is more than a one-dimensional storybook prince. He’s a restless teen who feels trapped by his literary existence and hates that his entire life is predetermined. He’s sure there’s more for him out there in the real world, and Delilah might just be his key to freedom.

Delilah and Oliver work together to attempt to get Oliver out of his book, a challenging task that forces them to examine their perceptions of fate, the world, and their places in it. And as their attraction to each other grows along the way, a romance blossoms that is anything but a fairy tale.


Picoult’s foray into the YA fantasy world, with her daughter was a fanciful adventure. It explores an idea that I (and, likely, many other readers) have contemplated: What if the characters/ world of a story continued to exist even after the book was closed and the reader stopped reading?

Delilah is going crazy. Or is she? Suddenly being able to communicate with a character from a book isn’t normal, nor is it normal to find yourself falling in love with said character. But Oliver is Prince Charming in the story that Delilah can’t stop reading, and being able to talk to him changes things. Though, in fact, he’s nothing like the prince he portrays in the stories, and that’s how Picoult and van Leer are able to take that flat Prince Charming and change him into a character that’s real (sort of) and lovable, someone to root for.

Delilah wasn’t as easy to love, but she’s someone to root for as well. She’s wonderful for what she is trying to do for Oliver. But it comes with the cost of alienating her friend and mother, as well as coming across as a girl in serious need of a therapist. Even so, she wants to help Oliver get the freedom he wants.

Despite my love of e-readers, this book brings back all those lovely feelings for print books. The pictures, use of different font choices, and all those tiny little design choices just enhance the reading experience. (There goes my major making me geek out over these little things.) The design of the book was nearly as enthralling as the book itself.

This is definitely a book for anyone who loved fairy tales when they were younger and/or wished for the books to be real beyond the words on the page. An easy read, this is a great way to pass time.


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  1. Good review. I thought this book was okay. I was more in love with the illustrations. <3

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