Review: Breakfast Served Anytime by Sarah Combs

Publisher: Candlewick Press (April 8th 2014)
Hardcover: 272 pages
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Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

When Gloria sets out to spend the summer before her senior year at a camp for gifted and talented students, she doesn’t know quite what to expect. Fresh from the heartache of losing her grandmother and missing her best friend, Gloria resolves to make the best of her new circumstances. But some things are proving to be more challenging than she expected. Like the series of mysterious clues left by a certain Professor X before he even shows up to teach his class, Secrets of the Written Word. Or the very sweet, but very conservative, roommate whose coal-industry family champions mountaintop removal. Not to mention the obnoxious Mason, who dresses like the Mad Hatter and immediately gets on Gloria’s nerves — but somehow won’t escape her thoughts.


I loved Breakfast Served Anytime. It had its laughing out loud moments right from the first time we are introduced to Gloria. Despite the book being set at a”Geek” Camp with the feeling of you know you think yeah right they’re all going to smart so I won’t be able to get what they’re talking about, I loved how the characters had flaws that made them easy to relate to. Don’t get me wrong, they’re weird characters. Super weird. Like how Calvin reminded me of Siddhartha. But, the weirdness grows on you. Sarah Combs has a way with giving all the characters (even the less important ones) a different voice that makes you fall in love with them. Even Holyfield the dog has a voice of its own. I think one of the reasons why I adored this book so much was because of the characters. The characters were quirky and yet it was their quirkiness that made them click. Breakfast Served Anytime just made me felt the feels for each of the characters. There’s no romance in Breakfast Served Anytime, which left me disappointed because you know I was totally rooting for Gloria and Mason. However, life isn’t always about the romance or the ship that never set sail. Gloria and Mason was the latter, but of course you can always imagine their love.

Breakfast Served Anytime wasn’t just about the quirky characters, but I immensely enjoyed the friendship that developed between Chloe, Calvin, Mason, and Gloria. From the moment Chloe enters the page I knew I was going to love her. Every character I encountered in Breakfast Served Anytime was awesome; even the minor characters. Even Gloria’s roommate Jessica who I think you’re supposed to be annoyed with comes to be awesome ends up being an okay person, not the evil roommate like you’d expect her to become. I liked how this book was about meeting people who get your weirdness and not judging you differently for it. Even though Gloria and Mason hated each other (or Gloria hated Mason), Mason got her. He got why she didn’t want to invite her parents to visit her because he’s also the same way. I loved how when it came down to it, the importance of the Secrets of the Written Words was banding together to discover who their mysterious Professor X is and not who their parents are and how much money they made. I think it’s why one of my favorite scenes in Breakfast Served Anytime was when they were in an elevator and Mason reveals that he’s a claustrophobic. They’re talking about their worse fears like being trampled to death when Mason is just sitting there moaning about them to shut up because it’s already afraid. Nobody cares that he was afraid, even though that scene was funny. The characters just clicked together with great friendship chemistry.

Breakfast Served Anytime is a great spring/summer read that makes you wish you were at a “Geek” Camp. It’s fresh, unpretentious, and tells us to accept who we are – embracing the quirkiness in us. It’s about friendship and even though I did get a bit annoyed with the “y’alls” I enjoyed seeing the inside glimpse of “Geek” Camp.

Favorite Quotes…

“Suffice it to say that, officially and irrevocably, I hated the Mad Hatter” (P19).

You don’t pick the books you fall in love with any more than you pick the people you fall in love with. It just happens, and when it happens, you know” (P145).

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