Review: Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Review: Cinder by Marissa MeyerCinder (The Lunar Chronicles, #1) by Marissa Meyer
Series: The Lunar Chronicles #1
Published by Feiwel and Friends on January 3rd 2012
Genres: Fantasy, Retelling, Sci-Fi, Young Adult
Pages: 390

Sixteen-year-old Cinder is considered a technological mistake by most of society and a burden by her stepmother. Being cyborg does have its benefits, though: Cinder's brain interference has given her an uncanny ability to fix things (robots, hovers, her own malfunctioning parts), making her the best mechanic in New Beijing. This reputation brings Prince Kai himself to her weekly market booth, needing her to repair a broken android before the annual ball. He jokingly calls it "a matter of national security," but Cinder suspects it's more serious than he's letting on.Although eager to impress the prince, Cinder's intentions are derailed when her younger stepsister, and only human friend, is infected with the fatal plague that's been devastating Earth for a decade. Blaming Cinder for her daughter's illness, Cinder's stepmother volunteers her body for plague research, an "honor" that no one has survived.But it doesn't take long for the scientists to discover something unusual about their new guinea pig. Something others would kill for.


Linh Cinder is a gifted mechanic and a cyborg and much like the classic, this retelling of Cinderella, has an evil stepmother, a prince, a ball and even a … detachable foot (close enough!). But than there’s so much more, an android companion, a disease that is ravaging New Beijing and ruthless evil queen of the Lunar world intent on taking over earth.

I liked Cinder, she’s an interesting character with quite the burden to carry. I found Kai to mostly be your typical Prince Charming but he is a promising character that I think can definitely be fleshed out more with the upcoming book(s) (hopefully). Iko with her “malfunctioned” personality card is adorable and I love the friendship between her and Cinder.

Marissa Meyer does a good job of bringing her own unique twist to Cinderella. And even though this book I felt for the most part is just a stepping stone to a much bigger story, which is big factor in why I didn’t like the book as much as I thought I would, it definitely gets you hooked and excited for the sequels. This book is definitely for those who love fairy tales and like a touch a dystopia to mix.


Kim’s Take:  4 of 5 stars

Wow. Just wow. It’s not often I’m left kind of paralyzed and excited by a book. Cinder blew me away.

It starts off with the basic story line from cinderella: wicked stepmother, (one) wicked stepsister, and a girl forced into slavery (basically) because she’s unable to escape. Meyer takes that and then creates this fantastic world and circumstance that amazes.

Cinder is a cyborg who lives in this futuristic Beijing. Rather than working as a servant girl keeping the apartment beautiful, Cinder works as a mechanic. That’s how she comes to meet Prince Kai.

The original Cinderella never appealed to me very much. She was someone who needed saving from her circumstances. While that’s also true of Cinder, to an extent, she is also capable of being the heroine who can help save Prince Kai and the kingdom from the devious Lunar Queen Levana, and the  deadly disease that has claimed the lives of many people, including Prince Kai’s father.

A fantastic debut from Meyer, who had written the first draft for NaNoWriMo. The next books are said to feature Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel. I can only anxiously wait to see how she continues the story and works in these new characters and their unique stories.


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  2. Cinderella is my least disney princess favorite, but this book really intrigues me because of the sci-fi and dystopian aspect. I hope to enjoy this book as much as you both did! Great review 🙂

    1. Same! Cinderella was never a favorite so I was super hesitant about this book. But now it’s one of my favorite series. It’s a great read and I hope you love it!

  3. Great review. I actually thought Scarlet was better than Cinder story-wise. I like Cinder as a character though. <3

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