Review: Crash by Eve Silver

17667952Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books (June 9th 2015)
Hardcover: 368 pages
Series: The Game #3
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Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Miki’s life is falling apart around her. Her dad and best friend are lying in the hospital. The Game is glitching, making missions more frequent and more deadly. And someone close to her is waiting for the right moment to betray her.

Miki feels like she’s hanging on by a thread and the only thing keeping her tethered is Jackson’s hand in hers. Yet telling him how much she needs him, how much she loves him, feels like the biggest challenge of all. And if Miki really wants the missions to end for everyone, she’ll have to let go and be ready to fight when the walls between the Game and reality come crashing down. Because if there’s one thing she’s learned, it’s that she’s got a whole lot left to lose.


The second book left me with a meh feel and the first half of Crash felt that way too, but things started to pick up as we learn more of the role that the Committee plays and also the game. I can’t say much without giving the rest of the book away (I know! I know! It sucks), but if you’ve watched Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica and Sword Art Online it’s a bit like that with both worlds combined. Silver shows no mercy in killing off our favorite characters and I liked that realistic portrayal, even though it made me go what no freaking way did she just did what I think she did. I mean the feels for this book was just too much. Halfway through the book I was already thinking ahh I’m sure that person is next and embracing for the impact. Yeah the thrill and the momentum was up there. The Committee isn’t forgiving to anyone who interferes with their game, not even if there are nice Draus despite unpopular opinions. After this book I still don’t know what to feel about Miki’s and Jackson’s relationship. Like you know how you feel strongly about some characters in some books? I really really wanted to like them but I just can’t for some reason.They fell for each other pretty quickly and I wasn’t convinced when they blurted out their I love yous. But, then again what is fast when it comes to books. Book time lines and real world time line is different and gets me confused most of the time.

The finale, just like the first book, was action packed and it kept you on your toes. There may have been some down times, but when it didn’t the intensity of the book was overwhelming and made you appreciate the lag in some areas. Overall the ending of this series was not too bad and it was interesting to see how the author would wrap up this series.

Author: Jackie

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