Review: Dark Witches by Nora Roberts

Dark Witches by Nora RobertsPublisher: Berkley Trade (October 29, 2013)
Paperback: 368 pages
Rating: 4 of 5 stars

With only the most basic understanding of her powers, Iona Sheehan leaves America for Ireland in search of family, destiny, and home. She finds all of it in the deep green woods near the shadows of the great castle of Ashford. There, as the third hereditary Dark Witch, she’ll join forces with her two cousins–and the man she comes to love–to break a centuries-old curse, and defeat the ancient evil that seems to destroy them all.


Wow. Finally a Nora Roberts book I like that isn’t a standalone. And it takes place in the most magical and wonderful place ever: Ireland. (And no, I have not had the pleasure of going there myself. … It is sad.) Standard in all Nora Roberts’ books is the thought out plot and well developed characters.

Iona is a sweetheart. And it was a bit heartbreaking watching her soak up the affection her distant relatives lavish upon her as well as her new friends and possible beau. She’s so delightfully upfront, and doesn’t try to hide who she is behind pretense. Combined with her move to Ireland (even selling all her belongings despite not knowing whether she’d be able to procure proper lodging and a job), Iona is an admirable character.

That isn’t to say that the other characters aren’t just as admirable. They diverse and delightful. Usually from book one, readers can tell who will be the pairings of focus in the subsequent books. And from what I gleaned of the characters, this series will be captivating to the end.

The beginning was a bit hard to get through. It was the backstory to Iona’s ancestor and the catalyst for the magical and dangerous happenings in the present day. However, I just wanted to get to present day with Iona, her romance, and discovery of a place to belong. Once past that though, it was smooth sailings from there. For anyone looking for some fantasy and romance all wrapped up in a well written package, Dark Witch is it.


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  1. I am excited to give this series a try. I read a series by her involving magic keys a few years ago, and I loved it. 🙂

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