Review: Indelible by Dawn Metcalf

Indelible - Dawn MetcalfPublisher: Harlequin Teen (July 30th 2013)
Paperback: 384 pages
Series: The Twixt #1
Source: Netgalley
Rating: 3 of 5 stars

Some things are permanent.


And they cannot be changed back.

Joy Malone learns this the night she sees a stranger with all-black eyes across a crowded room—right before the mystery boy tries to cut out her eye. Instead, the wound accidentally marks her as property of Indelible Ink, and this dangerous mistake thrusts Joy into an incomprehensible world—a world of monsters at the window, glowing girls on the doorstep, and a life that will never be the same.

Now, Joy must pretend to be Ink’s chosen one—his helper, his love, his something for the foreseeable future…and failure to be convincing means a painful death for them both. Swept into a world of monsters, illusion, immortal honor and revenge, Joy discovers that sometimes, there are no mistakes.

Somewhere between reality and myth lies…


“Once upon a time” he began, “there was a young girl…”
“Not so young.” Joy shot back.
“Once upon a time, there was a not-so-young, girl,” he amended. “who was invited to go on a magical trip.”
“With a prince?”
Ink grimaced. “Hardly.”
“A magician?” she guessed?
He shook his head. “A myth.”

Indelible was relatively engaging and the concept had a lot of potential. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t wrap my brain around the universe Metcalf had created. There was a lot of things that kinda confused me as to the two different worlds (the human and the folks) and how they actually intertwine and affected each other. The ending had a pretty interesting scene that kind of help me figure out more the universe but still, the book could be clearer in it’s intent.

That being said, it was a cute read, in particular the relationship between Joy and Ink. From the synopsis, I was expecting more of the Mr. Darcy & Elizabeth / Pride and Prejudice feel, that bickering yet attraction tension. Instead we got a very sweet, almost innocent romance. The characters were okay enough, though really having two “main-ish” characters named Ink and Inq (who are siblings by the way) is…I don’t even know. It was kind of interesting watching Ink learned to be more “human”. Inq on the other hand kind of annoyed me with her overbearing know-it-all attitude. Joy was rather average, she had both good and bad moments.

Overall, an enjoyable read with potential for a lot more magical adventure. The book could easily be standalone, though I might be interested in checking out more Joy and Ink (if I ever get this universe in order).

{*Thanks to the publisher & Netgalley for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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