Review: Princess of the Sliver Woods by Jessica Day George

Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Children’s Books (December 11th, 2012)
Hardcover: 336 pages
Source: Netgalley
Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

When Petunia, the youngest of King Gregor’s twelve dancing daughters, is invited to visit an elderly friend in the neighboring country of Westfalin, she welcomes the change of scenery. But in order to reach Westfalin, Petunia must pass through a forest where strange two-legged wolves are rumored to exist. Wolves intent on redistributing the wealth of the noble citizens who have entered their territory. But the bandit-wolves prove more rakishly handsome than truly dangerous, and it’s not until Petunia reaches her destination that she realizes the kindly grandmother she has been summoned to visit is really an enemy bent on restoring an age-old curse.


Princess Petunia is on her way to “granny’s” castle when she’s held up by a 2-legged grey eyed wolf. Turns out he’s more like Robin Hood. Oliver, the young earl who was cheated out his home by the war with Analousia, is forced to steal in order to feed his people and survive. Turns out Oliver’s actually a totally sweetheart and after the kerfuffle, he escorts Petunia to the Grand Duchess. As Petunia settles in, she can’t stop stop thinking about the young earl, but and it seems an old enemy has some unfinished business with the princesses before they can have their happily ever after.

Petunia, the youngest of the princesses, is brave but a bit impulsive. She’s the titular Princess of this book, though we do get a visit from all the princesses and their husband (and a couple other familiar faces). It was both good and bad for me because while it was nice to catch up on the family, it almost took too much away from Petunia. Especially regarding her relationship with Oliver. I would have loved to see them more together, they were just so adorable when they were (together).

Similarly, while the Princess series book technically can all be standalone, this one has the return of King Under Stone (and co.). It provides a nice closure but it almost feels a little repetitive, especially when was suppose to be a Little Red Riding Hood/Robin Hood twist. It ended up using just a hint of those two fairy tale rather than being a mainstay in the plot and as 2 of my favourite tales, it was rather a bit disappointing that it didn’t live up to my expectation.

However, overall another wonderful book by Jessica Day George, I’m quite sad that this is the last book in the series (with 12 princesses, you can definitely have a look of stories!). The book gives me the happy ending I want and ties things up neatly. While I think Book 1 (Princess of the Midnight Ball) and Book 2 (Princess of Glass) can very easily be standalones, I do highly recommend reading the series to fully enjoy Princess of the Silver Woods.

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  1. I thought this book was okay. I like Sun, Moon, Ice and Snow by Jessica Day George better. <3

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