Review: Push by Eve Silver

 Publisher:  Katherine Tegen Books (June 10th 2014)
Hardcover: 352 pages
Series: The Game #2
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Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

t’s either break the rules or die.

Miki Jones lives her life by her own strict set of rules, to keep control, to keep the gray fog of grief at bay. Then she’s pulled into the Game, where she—and her team—will die unless she follows a new set of rules: those set by the mysterious Committee.

But rules don’t mean answers, and without answers, it’s hard to trust. People are dying. The rules are unraveling. And Miki knows she’s being watched, uncertain if it’s the Drau or someone—something—else. Forced to make impossible choices and battling to save those she loves, Miki begins to see the Committee in a glaring new light.

And then the Game crosses a new boundary, pushes harder into Miki’s and her friends’ lives, and there’s nothing in the rules that can save them now.


I definitely enjoyed Rush because it reminded me of an anime called Sword Art Online a lot except with Rush you’re already “dead” by the time you enter the game. Whereas with SAO if you die in the game you die in real life. I don’t know if that’s exciting or morbid, but why would anyone play that type of virtual game is beyond me. Anyways Push, the sequel to Rush, is no exception to the continuing adrenaline that we were offered from Rush. It was fast paced and when a Drau comes out you know that there’s not going to be much of a sit down for the entire book and agonize our relationship. This was not that type of sequel. There’s a lot more outside world involvment in Push, which made things a bit more challenging for Miki and not to mention that it was more dangerous than it was in Rush. I was pleased that there was a lot of action and I liked Miki’s character development. When she first get pulled into this life or death game she wasn’t so sure about anything, but after Jackson’s gone missing she has to step up to the plate and become leader. While we got some answers to questions from the previous book, we end up getting a whole lot more with Push.

I wasn’t too crazy about Jackson, but he grew on me in Push and we definitely haven’t seen the last of him. We also get new team mates that we have to learn to trust like Jackson and co had to do when Miki arrived on the scene. There were plot twists that I didn’t see coming, but did suspect what was going to happen. By the end of Push there were still a lot of questions that I had and I’m anxiously waiting for the last book to come out ASAP.

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  1. Perfect score?! I have to look the first book of the series >.<

  2. Great review. I read the first one and thought it was okay, still need to read this one.

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