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Welcome to the How to Wed a Warrior by Christy English Spotlight post! This is the second book in the new series Broadswords and Ballrooms and I’m so excited to share this book with you guys!

Scroll down for a review, a teaser, a giveaway and an excerpt too!

How to Wed a Warrior - Christy EnglishPublisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca (February 2nd 2016)
Paperback: 352 pages
Series: Broadswords and Ballrooms #2
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When his wild spitfire of a sister makes a scene by drawing her claymore in Hyde Park, Highlander Robert Waters knows something must be done. To forestall the inevitable scandal, he hires widowed Prudence Whittaker to teach his sister how to be a lady – never expecting he’d become hungry for a few lessons of his own.

Outwardly prim, Pru is adept at keeping would-be suitors at bay. She has to if she wants to keep her secret. But all the drab colors and careful manners in the world will not hide her abundant charms from this determined Highlander…


A Lady’s Guide to Proper (Mis)Behavior 
by Mrs. Prudence Whittaker on Proper Ton Etiquette (with additions by Miss Mary Elizabeth Waters)

Spotlight tour - htwaw

“A lady must never step out onto a terrace alone with a gentleman at a ball.” —Mrs. Prudence
“A lady can do as she pleases, and if a man gets fresh, she can sort him out herself.” —Mary Elizabeth



A nice addition to the Broadswords and Ballrooms series, How to Wed a Warrior was an easy, fun read. I really liked Robbie. He’s your swoony, charming and laid-back highlander. I liked how he gets throw in with Pru as they both try to curb tail his sister Mary Elizabeth’s wild ways. Pru, I liked that she had a backbone and that she made Robbie work for her love.

Robbie was not a poetic man. But when he saw the woman of his life standing no those stairs, looking like a princess from some German fairy tale, he caught himself holding his breath. She was his – if he could catch her.

They’re pretty darn cute together. They have a nice chemistry and you want to see them together and happy.

He pulled back once and looked her in the eye.

She met his gaze squarely and did not look away. “I’m kissing you, Robbie. Now stay still and let me.”

I liked that the romance part wasn’t dragged and drawn out by Pru’s secrets of why she’s pretending to be someone else. Along with the romance, the secret lends to another plot in the story that includes some scandals and mystery (of sorts). I like the little addition of action and adventure at the end that tied up Pru’s secrets. And course more Mary Elizabeth, who’s always up to some mischief. I love the introduction to Mary Elizabeth’s story and her stable lad! Overall, a breezy, cute read with a cute couple.



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About Christy English:

Ever since Christy English picked up a fake sword in stage combat class at the age of fourteen, she has lived vicariously through the sword-wielding women of her imagination. A banker by day and a writer by night, she loves to eat chocolate, drink too many soft drinks, and walk the mountain trails of her home in North Carolina.
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Robert’s eyes gleamed with mischief—and with something else, something darker, and a bit alarming. Pru’s stomach jumped at the sight of that heat, and a delicious shiver coursed through her.

When he spoke again, his voice was thick with the music of his homeland, and with something else. “Well, now, and don’t I love a woman with a backbone.”

“I’m sure you do. Now leave this room and go find one.”

“Aye,” he said, moving closer to her. She straightened her shoulders, and sniffed. His smile was infectious, and she had to work very hard not to give in and smile back.

“I do love a sniffing woman. A woman who knows her own mind, and isn’t shy about telling the world.”

“That is very edifying. I am sure there are many such women outside these four walls. Again, Mr. Waters, I bid you good day.”

Robert laughed and shook his head, stepping even closer until he was standing a mere two feet from her.

She took in the warm scent of cedar, and a hint of something else, some spice that was all Robert Waters and little else. She was sure that if he stood so close for much longer, she would lose the ability to speak at all.

“But you see, Mrs. Prudence, that’s the trouble. There are very few women beyond these four walls that speak their minds to a man and damn the consequences.”

“Honesty is its own reward.” Her heart thudded so hard that the pulse in her throat leaped. His eyes seemed to follow it, and then move up the line of her jaw, to her cheekbones, to her eyes.

“I wonder if it might reward me,” he said.

He closed the distance between them, and kissed her.

She had been kissed before, of course. She had been a debutante during the Peninsular War, when everyone thought that the young men around them were surely going to die. She had almost been engaged, and her swain had kissed her on the garden steps of her father’s house in the moonlight, so many years ago now that it seemed to have happened to another woman altogether. But this kiss was different, because Robert Waters offered it.

Pru shocked herself by accepting it for what it was—a warm touch in a world that was often very cold indeed.

She found herself pressed against him in the next instant. His hands did not come down on her. He did not touch her waist or her shoulders, but held his hands aloft, as if she kept him at gunpoint. She did not think of what that meant, but simply moved against him, taking in the heat of his body with her own. If only she might close the door and ignore her life and future and simply have him there in that lovely, overly luxurious room.

She felt his tongue on her lips, and she opened her mouth to his coaxing. He tasted of warm honey from breakfast. He tasted of man, and in some strange, indefinable way, of home.

He still had not touched her but to place his lips on hers. He withdrew his tongue, and then his mouth, and then stepped back, so that she was left alone, grasping at nothing.

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  1. I’m always a little nervous when we have Secrets in a romance but it sounds like they didn’t take over this book in the dreaded misunderstanding. This sounds like a fun read and I definitely want to find out more about Mary Elizabeth and her mischief.

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