Review: Texas Gothic by Rosemary Clement-Moore

Texas Gothic by Rosemary Clement-MoorePublisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers (July 12, 2011)
Hardcover: 416 pages
Rating: of 5 stars

Amy Goodnight knows that the world isn’t as simple as it seems—she grew up surrounded by household spells and benevolent ghosts. But she also understands that “normal” doesn’t mix with magic, and she’s worked hard to build a wall between the two worlds. Not only to protect any hope of ever having a normal life.

Ranch-sitting for her aunt in Texas should be exactly that. Good old ordinary, uneventful hard work. Only, Amy and her sister, Phin, aren’t alone. There’s someone in the house with them—and it’s not the living, breathing, amazingly hot cowboy from the ranch next door.

It’s a ghost, and it’s more powerful than the Goodnights and all their protective spells combined. It wants something from Amy, and none of her carefully built defenses can hold it back.

This is the summer when the wall between Amy’s worlds is going to come crashing down.


Texas Gothic was the perfect book to kick my post series ennui. Who knew house sitting could be so hard? Certainly not Amy. On top of dealing with the tree climbing, fence hopping goats, an eccentric sister who has a hard time seeing past her paranormally charged scientific pursuits, and a grumpy (but hot) neighbor, Amy may have also inherited a ghost problem to deal with as well.

Amy is the black sheep of the family, trying to deny that magical heritage she shares with most of the Goodnight Clan. Yet, she never becomes that whiny “why me” sort of character. She’s responsible and accepting. She’s very much the sort of heroine you want to be reading about instead of the one who take 3/5 of a book to stop whining about circumstances and does something.

The other characters were a hoot as well. Ben, the surly neighbor who might happen to be a bit of a knight-in-shining-armor type keeps Amy on her toes and the readers wanting more. Phin, the eccentric science based magic type sister, is equal parts exasperating and lovable. Daisy only showed up for a brief period, but it’s obvious she’s a character worth learning more of. I mean, a teenager who helps solves crimes because she’s psychic and talks to dead people? Definitely worth further exploration. (Note: Second book in this series is about Daisy. Woo!)

This was a great demonstration of how the paranormal could certainly work in today’s society. And it was a fun read that kept me going until I hit the end. Definitely for any YA paranormal romance fan, or anyone who enjoys a fun paranormal urban adventure. The romance was cute and pretty prevalent, but, for sure, not the main draw.

Author: Kim

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  1. This was a fun read for me too! Amy was a really good character. I didn’t know that this was a series! O.o Awesome review, girly! 😉

    1. This was definitely a fun read. Yes! And Daisy’s story is just as fun, so check it out. 😉 Thanks!

  2. Sounds like a perfectly creepy book for Halloween! There seems to be a lot of quirky characters and a great paranormal twist. Great review!

    1. It has a good dose of the supernatural. But it’s still really fun, even with the scarier aspects. If you’re looking for a “don’t read at night” horror, this isn’t it. Lol. But otherwise, it definitely fits in with the season.

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