Review: This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

This Savage Song - Victoria SchwabPublisher: Greenwillow Books (July 5th 2016)
Hardcover: 464 pages
Source: ARC from Epic Reads
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Rating: 3 of 5 stars

There’s no such thing as safe in a city at war, a city overrun with monsters. In this dark urban fantasy from author Victoria Schwab, a young woman and a young man must choose whether to become heroes or villains—and friends or enemies—with the future of their home at stake. The first of two books.

Kate Harker and August Flynn are the heirs to a divided city—a city where the violence has begun to breed actual monsters. All Kate wants is to be as ruthless as her father, who lets the monsters roam free and makes the humans pay for his protection. All August wants is to be human, as good-hearted as his own father, to play a bigger role in protecting the innocent—but he’s one of the monsters. One who can steal a soul with a simple strain of music. When the chance arises to keep an eye on Kate, who’s just been kicked out of her sixth boarding school and returned home, August jumps at it. But Kate discovers August’s secret, and after a failed assassination attempt the pair must flee for their lives.


After reading This Savage Song I realize that Victoria Schwab’s novels are a hit or miss for me. While I enjoyed A Gathering of Shadows a lot earlier this year, I think I had high hopes that this book will have the same wow factor that A Gathering of Shadows had. However, that was not the case with This Savage Song. I found the concepts of good and evil interesting, but I think the prose ended up being too purple for me and there was a lot of vagueness that I didn’t know what was going on half the times.

Even though there’s no romance I enjoyed Kate’s and August’s characters development. They go from enemies to somewhat friends as the book progressed. Probably that’s why I thought this novel was slow because no romance though I should know by now that Schwab takes her romance on the slow side (as with her other novels) and I appreciate the slow burn because we end up shipping them so hard by the end of the novel. It’s all about the emotions guys! There were times that I hadn’t felt like I gained any information or really got to know the characters well. All the action and information seems to come together at the end and by then I was confused as what the first 100 pages were even about. While the writing was beautiful I just wished that the prose didn’t make the book too vague because that made the book somewhat hard to follow.

Despite the mixed feelings I’ll probably end up rereading this book before book 2 comes out and This Savage Song will grow on me during the reread just like A Darker Shade of Magic and The Archived did.

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  1. I’m sad to hear that this one didn’t have the wow factor like Gathering of Shadows did. I haven’t read that one yet, but I do adore A Darker Shade of Magic, and have high hopes for this one too. I’ll give it a try, but I’ll lower my expectations.
    Great review!

  2. I had the same problem, but with Vicious. I read A Darker Shade Of Magic and loved it, so when I saw an ebook of Vicious foir $1.99 I jumped on it, but it fell flat for me. For me it depended too many times on big coincidences to move the storyline forward, and it was riddled with continuity problems. Maybe I should try The Archived. This Savage Song is my next read. I should be starting it tomorrow.

  3. Olivia-Savannah says: Reply

    No romance? Now that is not something that happens too often in novels and kind of has me intrigued. I think this is the kind of book for when I feel this urge to have a break from romances – which I do have every now and again. It’s just a shame that this one didn’t have the same wow factor and ended up being vague in places.

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