Review: Under the Hood by Juanita Kees

Under the Hood by Juanita KeesPublisher: Escape Publishing (March 1, 2013)
Kindle:  152 pages
Source: Netgalley
Rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

When Scott Devin buys a struggling car dealership in semi‐rural Western Australia, the last person he expects to see in charge is a stiletto‐wearing, mini‐skirted foreperson — exactly the distraction a struggling, male‐dominated workshop doesn’t need! But there’s more to TJ Stevens than meets the eye.

TJ Stevens has two major goals in life: to preserve her grandfather’s heritage and to protect her teenage rehabilitation program — and she’ll go to any lengths to do it. Scott Devin’s presence is a threat to everything she’s worked hard to achieve, so keeping him at arm’s length shouldn’t be a problem … or will it?


When I picked this book up, I was in the mood for an adorable romance with a bit of humor and drama. What I got was an incomprehensible ‘romance’ and barely formed characters.

There’s a lot of unrealized potential in this book. The protagonist, TJ, is a headstrong, softhearted individual who is determined to do right by at risk teens. And that’s admirable, and probably my favorite part of the book. Maybe I’m jaded and incapable of believing in love at first sight, but the way Scott continually gets frustrated by TJ but just wants to push her against a wall & have his way with her doesn’t equal to “I love you” for me. It was hard to connect with the stories and the characters, but TJ strong character and issues with the kids pulled me through even when I didn’t care much for anything else. Which, I think, was also part of the reason I was  unable to fully buy the romance.

If you’re looking for an easy romance with a strong female lead, this isn’t a bad choice. But just don’t expect to fully be able to fall into the story.

Side note: This could just be because I’m from the USA reading an Australian publication, but I found myself tickled pink every time I read their terms for something that has a different meaning here.


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