Review: Wish You Were Italian by Kristin Rae

Publisher: Bloomsbury (May 6th 2014)
Paperback: 323 pages
Series: If Only #2
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Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Pippa has always wanted to go to Italy … but not by herself. And certainly not to sit in art school the entire summer learning about dead guys’ paintings. When she steps off the plane in Rome, she realizes that traveling solo gives her the freedom to do whatever she wants. So it’s arrivederci, boring art program and ciao, hot Italian guys!

Charming, daring, and romantic, Bruno is just the Italian Pippa’s looking for—except she keeps running into cute American archeology student Darren everywhere she goes. Pippa may be determined to fall in love with an Italian guy … but the electricity she feels with Darren says her heart might have other plans. Can Pippa figure out her feelings before her parents discover she left the program and—even worse—she loses her chance at love?


Gelatos, gelatos, and more gelatos. If Wish You were Italian could be one word it would gelato. You cannot go to Italy without grabbing gelatos. They are everywhere. Anyways, I was kind of confused if I should start with Fool Me Twice or Wish You Were Italian first because while they are part of the If Only series they don’t have any numbers printed on them. So, I started with Wish You Were Italian first as it seems that you can read both books as a standalone because there are no character cameos and they are by different authors, which was probably the reason that threw me off too.  It took me a while to get into this novel, but once I was in I was in. Having only been to Italy last summer, I can imagine myself in Pippa’s shoes well as she goes down through the Colosseum and being roasted by the Italian sun. At first Pippa isn’t pleased that her mother shipped her off to learn art, but when she discovers a ton of Euroes snuck in by her dad, the classrom she never steps foot in is abandoned as she gallops through Italy with strangers.

I don’t blame Pippa for wanting to go off on her own, even though she’s in a country where English is spoken as a second language and the Italian men are hot. Speaking of men, we get two guys. I loved the build up she has with Darren, who is in Italy because of an archaeology gig. She keeps “bumping” into him. I use bump loosely because while she does run into Darren the first couple of times, it is obvious he is interested in her as he finds her working for Chiara’s family, who gives her a place to stay. Then, we have Bruno. Chiara’s cousin, who is a player of sorts and doesn’t know the meaning of personal space even after Pippa sets some ground rules.

However, with the romantic tension it’s hard for Pippa to admit her feelings for Darren when her best friend assigns her to write down a set of goals to do in Italy and for Pippa, one of those goals is to fall for an Italian guy. I loved Morgan. She’s willing to keep a secret for Pippa, even though she’s worried about her ditching the school and going off with strangers. Then, of course, there is her strained relationship with her mmom, which sort of gets patched up by the end of the book.

Wish You Were Italian is a light contemporary fluffy read that will make you wish you were in Italy or have a gelato.

Author: Jackie

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  1. I am so always up for a gelato. 😉 I actually have this for review but I feel sooo uninspired to read it. BAD ME. I’m not always fond of fluffy contemporaries, but I DO love Italy and Europe and…gelato. So what’s stopping me?! I should just read this one. I used to have a pet dog named Bruno though, so that’s going to be awkward reading it. >_<

  2. First off, I am so jealous that you’ve been to Italy! I minored in Italian in college, so I’m trying to get there before I lose ALL of the Italian I learned! 🙂

    This does sound seriously adorable. I’m always in the mood for fluffy! 😀

  3. Awww I just love books that are set in a foreign country because it always makes me want to travel! Gelato is always delicious as well. Lovely review!

  4. I went to Italy many, many years ago and guess which is the only Italian word I remember from that trip ? 😉

  5. GELATO?? Sold, my friend! xD

    Definitely love the sound of Darren, and I just adore books with any sort of trips or are set in places outside the US (but the US is great too!)

    Glad you enjoyed this, Jackie!

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