Sask Entertainment Expo: Part 1



Hey guys! So this is the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo! My city is kinda small so this was sorta of the first attempt at something to the extent of comic con. I was only able to attend part of one day but still managed buy a bunch of stuff. Less books, more art but pretty art nonetheless! There some pretty nice costumes too. Here’s photos!

Let’s start with the pretty art!



By Andrei Feheregyhazi. This was the first set I bought: The Eggs (or that’s what I call them). I was only planning on buying one,but they’re just sooo cute I wouldn’t resist, so I bought all of them haha. The eggs getting it on just crack  me up … hahaha.


These are the comics I ended up with. It was more based on pretty covers haha. I actually wanted issue 1 of Batman and Robin but, my friend already sold it. poo.


Totoro! by Chrissie Zullo. It’s so prettyyyyyy! I love Totoro.


By Justin Shauf. Ahh. I love this one! I think this was my favourite non-comic book print. The colouring is just gorgeous.


By Michael Walsh. Deadpool!!!! So I figured being at a comic convention I should buy at least one comic print, but I couldn’t find one I love. That was until the end, during my last round of looking, this beauty popped up. I couldn’t resist. Mister Walsh had so many pretty prints, I’m sort of regretting only buying one haha.



My sister also ended up buying Andrei Feheregyhazi‘s steampunk pieces. I think these are quite nice too. The little robot cleaning up garbage reminds me of steampunk WALL-E heehe.

Okay that’s all the arts! Next post will be the cosplay!



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