Series Overviews: WAGs (Good Boy & Stay) by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy

Welcome to the big, bad, broad series overview review of series that may be the whole series, or parts of a series, but at least two books of the series? Yay!

WAGs (books 1 & 2) by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy


I’m so happy that there’s more Bowen and Kennedy collaboration! They seriously just write the best steamy, hilarious and amazing hockey romances. WAGs is a spin-off-ish series from their Him series and the first book features my favourite good boy Blake!

Blake Riley, you make me smiley.
You loud, adorable man-child. Why are you so freakin’ lovable?

Good Boy was such a fun and hilarious and steamy read. I loved that Blake was just an awesome hero, from hilariously bad nicknames he gives people to his big heart and over-enthusiasm to take care of the people he loves! Jess was a good heroine too, though sometimes I felt like she needed to step up to win Blake (but that might be my bias, as I adored Blake, ha). I can relate with Jess trying to find her passion/career is, so it was nice to see her figure that out.

She’s staring at me like she wants to rip off my clothes. Or just rip something. I’m not quite sure which.

I loved the chemistry between Blake and Jess (sister of Jamie of Him!). They kind of had this friends with benefits thing happening (though even then Blake was working hard to win over the girl!) and it was hella fun to see Jess fall for Blake’s charm. And of course, the book was chocked full of cameos from our favourite hockey couple, Jamie and Wes and a ton of great secondary characters that I can’t wait to see more of!

“It’s not nutty,” I object. “Well…” That line of argument is a lost cause because I’m a little nutty all the time. It’s part if the charm. “Embrace the nutty, J-Babe.”

Stay is the second book in the series featuring hockey star and divorced father Matt Eriksson and he’s got a crush on his assistant even though he’s never met her. Hailey, owner of Fetch, an anonymous virtual assistant service and huge hockey fan, thinks one of her top clients is Matt but when fate brings them together, it’s fireworks!

The next two days pass slowly. I spend them trying to not relive my mortifying encounter with the hunky God of Hockey. So much for playing it cool.

This was such a sweet story! I loved the awkward and the cuteness and the flirting between Hailey and Matt. They have such a nice slow burning romance. Having been burned by love before, both are a bit wary to take the leap, but the build up was perfect and I loved their chemistry!

“Question,” Hailey whispers after a while.
“Do you always hum ‘O Canada’ while you have sex?”
I let out a very unsexy snort, and she giggles. “No. That was special. Only for you.”

And to top of the adorable romance, is the sweet family story we get too! I loved seeing Matt’s twin toddlers and the dog that started it all! And again, lots of great cameo from our hockey players (and their wives/girlfriends) that we love so much. They always know how to bring the laughs.

“Amirite, Matty-Cake?” Blake says, jabbing me in the ribs. He’s still talking, but I’ve tuned him out.
“Everyone shut it,” I hiss. “Here comes my date. Pretend you’re normal.”
“Good luck with that.” Wes snickers.

So overall, this new series by Bowen and Kennedy is a big winner! They just know how to hit the spot when you want some amazing romance filled with hockey love, hilarious moments, steamy time and amazing characters. I definitely am excited for more WAGs!

Series Overviews: WAGs (Good Boy & Stay) by Sarina Bowen & Elle KennedyGood Boy (WAGs, #1) by Sarina Bowen, Elle Kennedy
Series: WAGs #1
Published by Elle Kennedy Inc. on January 31st 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 269

Hosting her brother’s wedding for an MVP guest list is the challenge of Jess Canning’s life. Already the family screw-up, she can’t afford to fail. And nobody (nobody!) can learn of the colossal mistake she made with the best man during a weak moment last spring. It was wrong, and there will not be a repeat. Absolutely not. Even if he is the sexiest thing on two legs.

Blake Riley sees the wedding as fate’s gift to him. Jess is the maid of honor and he’s the best man? Let the games begin. So what if he’s facing a little (fine, a lot) of resistance? He just needs to convince the stubborn blonde that he’s really a good boy with a bad rap. Luckily, every professional hockey player knows that you’ve got to make an effort if you want to score.

But Jess has more pressing issues to deal with than sexy-times with a giant man-child. Such as: Will the ceremony start on time, even though someone got grandma drunk? Does glitter ever belong at a wedding? And is it wrong to murder the best man?

Caution: May cause accidental aspiration of tea or coffee. Do not read in a public place where loud laughter is inappropriate. Contains hot but hilarious hockey players, puppy cuddling and a snarky pair of underwear.

Series Overviews: WAGs (Good Boy & Stay) by Sarina Bowen & Elle KennedyStay (WAGs, #2) by Sarina Bowen, Elle Kennedy
Series: WAGs,
Published by Elle Kennedy Inc. on June 20th 2017
Pages: 295

Can you fall in love with someone you've never even met?

Hailey Taylor Emery has a hunch that her favorite client at Fetch--an anonymous virtual assistant service--is actually hockey star Matt Eriksson.

Although it's against the rules for her to check his file, she's 95% sure she spends at least part of each day texting with her lifelong crush and catering to his every need. Still nursing a wounded heart thanks to her recent breakup, Hailey is perfectly content with some harmless online flirting...until she has to meet her client. Face to face. Cue: utter panic.

Matt Eriksson is no stranger to heartbreak. He's still not over the destruction of his marriage, and it sucks to be the only guy on the team who knows the truth--that hockey and long-term relationships are a toxic mix. He barely sees his kids, and dealing with his ex makes him feel insane. The only person in his life who seems to understand is someone who won't show her pretty face.

But it's nothing that a pair of fourth row hockey seats can't fix. Hailey can't resist the offer. Matt can't resist Hailey. Good thing he doesn't have to. Fire up the kiss cam!

Warning: Contains rabid hockey fans, misunderstood dick pics, hockey players at the opera and exploding ovaries.


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  1. Cyn, I need to get on this! I absolutely love Elle Kennedy and I have also read a Sarina Bowen book! 🙂 AND DOGS! <3

    1. Yes, yes, yes you definitely do! It’s such a fun series!

  2. I am so excited to get to this series!!! I loved Him and Us and can’t wait to get back to that world. Glad to hear this spinoff is good! Great review!!

    1. I hope you love it, Grace! It was definitely nice to be back in that world!

  3. Oh my goodness the dogs on the cover! How can you resist that!?

    1. There’s no resisting them!

  4. I have heard great things about these and it was good to see. I”ve got Him and hope to read it this year and get to the others in the series, too.

    1. Hope you enjoy Him! Both are great series 🙂

  5. I haven’t heard of this series before but this sounds fantastic! I haven’t read either of these authors before but this makes me think I should give them a try. Plus those covers!

    1. Ah, Carole, if you love romance and cuteness and humour and a little bit hockey, this series is for you 😉 Definitely worth giving a try!

  6. These are on my must-read list. I read The Deal and The Mistake and loved them. These sound even better.

    1. I love the Deal! These have a similar awesome flare 😉 I hope you love them!

  7. I definitely need to pick up this series one day! I really loved Him & Us, so this one almost immediately was added to my TBR list. lol! Glad to hear that you enjoyed them!

    1. Yes, Julie you definitely do, especially if you enjoyed Him!

  8. I’m so glad you enjoyed this series Cyn! I’ve heard nothing but praise for this collab of Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy. I haven’t read their previous collab but I HAVE read their respective books separately and enjoyed them a lot! It seems like all the books in this series have been a hit, so I really must take the time to pick it up soon. Great reviews! 😀

    1. If you enjoyed their respective books, you’ll definitely love them together 😉 I hope you get a chance to read them soon! Thanks, Aila!

  9. THIS SERIES SOUNDS SO GOOD! Ahem. Sorry, romances featuring hilarity and adorable dogs are my undoing. I agree with you, Cyn — Kennedy and Bowen are great together! I’ve loved everything I’ve read from them so far.

    1. Definitely fantastic! I can’t wait for more of them 😉

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