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Last year, Lori Goldstein wowed us with her debut YA novel Becoming Jinn. This year the sequel, Circle of Jinn, comes out in May. But for all the fans who can’t wait, a pre-quel e-short is available March 15, 2016 called Genius of Jinn! Read this awesome short story to find out more about who Azra was before Becoming Jinn. Best of all? It’s free!

Genius of JinnPublisher: Feiwel & Friends (March 15, 2016)
Hardcover: 51 pages
Series: Becoming Jinn #0.5
Pre-order Now: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

In this prequel to BECOMING JINN and the upcoming sequel CIRCLE OF JINN, thirteen-year-old Azra and her nemesis Yasmin are whisked away to a mysterious land with a special language, awe-inspiring architecture, and quirky toilets: France. As the enchanting French Jinn Tayma guides them through the streets of Paris, they discover not only a book of spells, but a truth neither of them is prepared for: that in their inevitable transition to becoming Jinn, their shared genie ancestry may just make them stronger together than they are apart.

Becoming Jinn Price DropIf you haven’t read Becoming Jinn yet, what are you waiting for?? From now until April 4, 2016, the e-book is available for $2.99! Don’t miss out on this sale. To learn more about Becoming Jinn and Lori Goldstein, you should also check out our interview from last year with Lori, Jen Brooks, Elissa Sussman, Lee Kelly, and Trisha Leaver.

Here’s a little snippet from that interview:

Freshman Fifteen - YA Event 1Where did you get the original idea for your book(s)? What was your original inspiration?

Lori: I got the inspiration for the character first, before anything else. There was an earthquake in 2011 in Turkey. There was a mother and infant daughter, who was two weeks old. They were pulled from the rubble and they both survived. I had seen a news report about it, and the baby’s name was Azra, which is the protagonist in Becoming Jinn. I heard the name and it was just unusual, and I thought, “it’s so beautiful”. I wanted to come up with a world that I could put her in. I started to think about that other side of the world, Turkey, Morocco, the middle east, and those other areas, and the idea of the jinn came to me. I’m sure I knew what jinn was because I watched Charmed and there was a jinn in Charmed and the X-Files. So I knew  that was kind of like that side of the world’s version of our modern day genie. I kind of put the two together and that’s what sparked the story.

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