Skinwalker by Faith Hunter (Fiction)

As a fan of Patricia Brigg’s Mercy Thompson series, It’s no surprise when I was recommended the Jane Yellowrock series written by Faith Hunter. Starting with “Skinwalker”, the series is an urban fantasy novel about Jane Yellowrock, a skin walker. The fact that the protagonist is a female walker is the extent of the similarities with the Mercy Thompson series.

Jane Yellowrock is a bounty hunter, but with a less than traditional target. She hunts rogue supernatural beings. The book starts off with Jane going to interview for a job catching a rogue vampire loose in New Orleans. An excellent introduction to the series, we meet the hot, motorcycle riding “Joe”, Jodi the vampire contact in the NOPD, as well as Leo the head vampire in New Orleans.

Hunter takes the reader along at a brisk pace, without skimping out on the descriptions and details. What’s interesting is how, Hunter makes use of the urban fantasy element. Set in New Orleans, Hunter expertly crafts this supernatural component into the world. Rather than just being and “underworld”, Hunter fashions a way for the supernatural to co-exist with society, while still not quite fitting in. Staying true to much of the supernatural lore, Hunter skillfully manipulates it to fit in the world she’s created for Jane Yellowrock.

“Skinwalker” is like Mercy Thompson’s dangerous but sexy cousin. There is an inherent sexuality underlining the story. Unlike Mercy Thomspon who finds herself in dangerous situations due to circumstances, Jane Yellowrock actively seeks them as part of her job as a bounty hunter.

Author: Kim

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