Teaser Tuesday: Down with the Shine

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Down With the Shine - Kate Karyus QuinnDown with the Shine by Kate Karyus Quinn

Hardcover: 355 pages
Publication date: April 26th 2016
Publisher: HarperTeen
Add on: Goodreads


“C’mon Smith. Time to get up and get out of here. Be a fighter. Or a runner! Like at a track meet, except if we lose we might die.”

Okay, so no one’s gonna be hiring me to give motivational speeches anytime soon. (41% eARC, Kindle)


Smith and I celebrate recapturing the dogs by spraying each other with my uncles’ hose. I even bring down some shampoo and soap and we get all sudsy right there in the front yard. This is followed by an awkward trip to the bathroom that involves humming and closed eyes. (45% eARC, Kindle)

This book is weird, and chaotic, and pretty darn hilarious! I lovin’ Lennie and Smith, and all the craziness that is happening!

Author: Cyn

noun. a bum OT, procrastinator. reader. eater. sleeper. music listen-er. movie go-er. Loves food too much.

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  1. Christy LoveOfBooks says: Reply

    lol! I’m glad you’re enjoying this. It’s such a fun book.

  2. It does indeed sound crazy, but like the good kind. Glad you like this, b/c I’m intrigued since I first heard of this.
    My TT

  3. Good teasers, sounds like a fun read.

  4. Sounds like a snippy read! My favorite!

    Happy Reading!
    My Teaser Tuesday
    Peyton @A Bookish Mess

  5. I have never heard of this one before! It definitely sounds like a fast paced read. Thanks for sharing it. 🙂

    Olivia @ The Candid Cover

  6. I keep seeing this one cropping up and wasn’t sure what it was all about – it looks great fun and many thanks for sharing. Mine this week is out of this world…

  7. Okay. Those are intriguing teasers. This week my YA teaser comes from Even If the Sky Falls by Mia Garcia. Happy reading!

  8. Interesting teasers! Thanks for sharing. My teaser is from a novel by John le Carre: http://abookaddictsview.blogspot.com/2016/05/teaser-tuesday.html

  9. Oooh, im happy to see this book. I saw that my library just got this one and i was wondering how it was. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    Books in Bloom • http://goo.gl/f929fE

  10. I giggled. LOL This sounds so fun!

    My TT from Onyx Webb

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