Teaser Tuesday: My Date from Hell by Tellulah Darling

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My Date From Hell - Tellulah DarlingMy Date from Hell by Tellulah Darling

“You are the same girl who once told me that there was no fireworks or soulmates. Just chemical compatibility and mutual interest?”


“So having the ultimate firework maker, the dude responsible for earth-shattering kabooms, the God of Love, live and in person hitting on you…?”

“It’s freaking me out,” she squealed. “Shut up!” (e-ARC chapter 4, pg.31)


“Had Kai come with a medicine label it would have read: take sparingly. Side effects may include: fully body tingling, inability to catch a breath due to tightening ribs, and wonkyheadedness.” (e-ARC chapter 2, pg.26)

Paperback: 288 pages
Publication date: October 31st 2013
Publisher: Te Da Media
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Two today (b/c I like Kai and his bad boy ways).

I love Sophie’s (human) friend Hannah with all her science and desire to dissect the gods (once she got physical proof they were real of course hahaa). But now, she’s crushing on the God of Love himself, how adorable! Oh and Sophie and Kai, talk about hot/cold relationship. They crazy.

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  1. I haven’t heard of this book before but it sounds adorable! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. It’s a pretty funny series with lots of adorable moments 😉

  2. Love this teaser. Sounds like a great read. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks, it’s been pretty funny and enjoyable so far!

  3. LOL Great teasers. Please check out my teaser.

    1. Thanks! It’s a fun read

    1. So far so good! Thanks for stopping by (:

  4. Love the title and your Teaser. Sounds like fun!
    My Teaser is from AFTER ALL THESE YEARS.

    1. It has been a pretty fun so far! Thanks for visiting!

  5. Wonkyheadedness… baaaaahahahaha!! Love it!! 🙂

    1. She’s a sassy one, that Sophie haha.

  6. Great teasers! Sounds like a fun book:)

    1. It’s pretty funny! I’m quite enjoying so far (:

  7. Fun teasers! I read the first book in the series, and really liked it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I enjoyed the first one too, but I think I’m liking the second one just a bit more. They have pretty funny moments in this one haha. Thanks for stopping by!

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