TOP TEN of 2013: Best Book Covers of 2013

Top 10 of 2013 copyIt’s that time of year again! Thanks to Jaime @ Two Chicks on Books,  Mindy @ Magical Urban Fantasy Reads & Rachel @ Fiktshun for hosting the TOP TEN OF 2013!

So today’s topic is Top Ten Best Book Covers of 2013; I love nothing more than a pretty cover. So here are my favourite covers of books released in 2013 that I’ve actually read and at the very bottom will be honourable mentions for ones I haven’t read but still love the covers for (: So in order of when I happened to read them:

(01) Winterblaze by Kristen Callihan – This was the reason why I even ever discovered/read the darkest London series. This gorgeous cover!

Winterblaze - Kristen Callihan

(02) Blaze (or Love in the Time of Supervillian)  by Laurie Boyle Crompton – I like the text and the colour and hair.Blaze - Laurie Boyle Crompton

(03) Scarlet by Marissa Meyer – Another winner for the Lunar Chronicles! Love it! A perfect red-riding hood.

Scarlet - Marissa Meyer

(04) Etiquette and Espionage by Gail Carriger – Simple yet perfectly themed for the steampunk/gear look. I love the & sign incorporated into the title.

Etiquette & Espionage  - Gail Carriger

(05) Seraphina by Rachel Hartman – I love the details the cover and it fits the feel of the book so well. I’m a big fan of the purple version especially the “S” that has a cool dragon feel to it.

Seraphina - Rachel HartmanSeraphina - Rachel Hartman - ver 2

(06) Cinnamon and Gunpowder  by Eli Brown – okay, another one of those books where I totally would have read it simple for the cover, because damn, I love this soooo much. [The book is also super awesome. Badass female pirate + chef + high seas adventures = awesome]

Cinnamon and Gunpowder - Eli Brown

(07) The Distance Between Us by Kasie West – I like the fonts! And the colour. And her shoes. I may have bought shoes just like them…

The Distance Between Us - Kasie West

(08) These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner – So pretty right!? The dress! The pretty stars!

These Broken Stars -  Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner

(09) The Promise of Amazing by Robin Constantine – The cover is just so cute, the font is cute too.

The Promise of Amazing - Robin Constantine

(10) The Program by Suzanne Young – I just really like the simplicity of it. The yellow jumpers with the stark white background

The Program - Suzanne Young


Honourable Mentions; (aka, books I haven’t read; but would for the cover…and you know the story, except Entwined, which actually did read, but wanted to share b/c it’s too pretty)

With All My Soul - Rachel VincentThrough the Ever Night - Veronica Rossi

Fangirl - Rainbow RowellEntwined - Kristin Callihan

My Life Next Door - Huntley FitzpatrickVicious VE Schwab



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  1. I so love the cover for These Broken Stars and With All My Soul is so pretty too! Great picks!

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

    1. I totally agree! Such pretty dresses right! haha.

  2. I kept trying to add The Program to my list because I love that cover!

    1. That was a main reason why I ended up picking it up in the first place haha, but it’s totally worth reading!

  3. I was just mentioning how much I love the Finishing School series book covers. I really want posters of all of them.

    1. Me too! They would look very pretty on the wall (:

  4. Gorgeous. I love those covers! The Program is a pretty good one. I like how simple it is.

    1. Totally agree about The Program. It was the reason why I even noticed it, but the book is a great read too ;)!

  5. Great list! I love the covers for These Broken Stars and Through the Ever Night. All of Rossi’s covers are gorgeous!

    Christy @ Christy’s Book Addiction

    1. The colours are so gorgeous right! Pretty sure I’ve bought Rossi’s books because they’re so pretty, hopefully I’ll get to reading them soon haha.

  6. Nice selection. There were so many beautiful covers. Been seeing much love for These Broken Stars as well and The Program. Come check out my list as well.


    1. Thanks (: These Broken Stars is definitely a popular pick. I love the Program too!

  7. Okay I was debating Etiquette and Espionage for my list and ultimately went with another cover, but I completely agree that cover deserves a spot on Best Covers. Simple, yet perfect!

    My Best Cover picks!

    1. There’s just so many choices! It originally wasn’t on mine, but then somehow made it on it anyway haha.

  8. Ooo, I do love the cover of Winterblaze! I have that book, but have not read it yet. And Through the Ever Night does have a really nice cover! I love the colors. I’m reading that one next, and then Into the Still Blue! 🙂

    Happy holidays!

    Check out my Top Ten post!

    1. Read it! So that you can read Shadowdance haha. The cover was definitely the reason why I checked out the series 😉 I haven’t read Through the Ever Night yet, but I’ve bought it and Under the Never Sky, so hopefully I’ll read it soon!

      Happy holidays to you too!

  9. Beautiful covers! Great picks! Thanks so much for taking part in the Top 10 of 2013! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your Top 10’s 😀
    Jaime @ Two Chicks On Books

    1. Thanks for stopping by and hosting!

  10. Aww, I do love the cover for The Promise of Amazing. It’s what drew my attention to the book! And I didn’t realize there was a color cover version of Seraphina. I agree, the ‘S’ is awesome on that cover. 🙂

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