Top Ten of 2016: Best Book Boyfriends of 2016

It’s that time of year again! Thanks to Rachel @ Fiktshun, Jaime @ Two Chicks on Books, Nancy @ Tales of a Ravenous Reader & Bridget @ Dark Faerie Tales for hosting the TOP TEN OF 2016!

So today’s topic is Top Ten Best Book Boyfriends. So these are the guys who are the swoon-worthy ones and the world would probably be a better place if only they were real kinda guys haha. So in no particular order, a bunch of charming gentlemen. Please be warn, some of the quotes might be a tad spoiler-ish.


(01) Gemina: Nik (badass, but still adorable & slightly dorky; forever a teenage boy at heart)

Nik M: i’m gonna get shot, u know that rite

Nik M: and when it happens, just so ur aware, i’m gonna expect a kiss as i die in ur arms

Nik M: maybe a feel too, i dunno

(02) My Lady Jane: G (part horse, part super adorable)

[…] I never saw true beauty until that night.” He stroked her cheek with the back of his hand. “But I didn’t know you then. I didn’t know how clever you were, how courageous, how kind-hearted, how true to yourself you always are. My lady. Jane. I would not wish any companion in the world but you.”

(03) Rebel of the Sands: Jin (the mysterious Blue-Eyed Bandit a secret)

“Amani.” My eyes flew open. Jin was standing in the gates to Fahali. His face cleared as he saw me, and he ran toward me, relief written all over him. “Thank God.”

“You don’t believe in God,” I said. It came out half a croak just as he closed the last of the space between us with a kiss.”

(04) Since You’ve Been Gone: Frank (just the freakn’ best running buddy ever)

He looked right back at me as he gave me a half smile. “You’re the brightest thing in the room,” he said. He lifted his hand from my waist, and slowly, carefully brushed a stray lock of hair from my cheek. “You shine.”

(05) Sweet Little Lies: Finn (Hot charming bar owner that’ll get you all swoony)

I want to be with you. I want you to be mine, because I’m absolutely yours. Have been since you first walked into my life and became my fun whisperer.

(06) The Hating Game: Joshua (grumpy co-worker you can’t help but crush on)

“You love me.” I see him smile in our reflection at the confusion and wonder in my tone.

“Since the moment I saw you, I felt like I was falling backward off a cliff. The feeling has never stopped. I’ve been trying to drag you down with me. In the worst, most ill-conceived and socially retarded way possible.”

(07) If I Only Had a Duke: Garrett (Reluctant hero, broody and swoony)

I love you, Thea. I think I fell in love with you the moment you climbed atop me, stomped on my shoulder, and left an imprint across my heart.

(08) A Promise of Fire: Griffin (Beta team captain that’s all alpha)

Griffin leans closer, his voice dropping to a low, suggestive rumble only I can hear. “There are things I could boast about, but I’d rather show than tell.

(09) Marrying Winterborne: Rhys (Cynical wealthy tycoon with a heart of gold)

“Every time you look at me, you’ll remember that I’m half his.”

“No.” His hand came to the side of her face, his thumb wiping her tears. “You’re all mine.” His voice was deep and shaken. “Every hair on your head. Every part of you was made to be loved by me.”

(10) Crooked Kingdom: Matthias (My baby Matthias, grumpy, straitlaced and perfect in everyway)

She rested her head on his shoulder. “You’re better than waffles, Matthias Helvar.”

A small smile curled the Fjerdan’s lips. “Let’s not say things we don’t mean, my love.”


Honourable Mentions;

  1. Clark
  2. Flynn
  3. Keane

I also try not to repeat my book boyfriends, so if they’re made it on a previous list, I don’t count the sequel/book in the series. But if I did, it would include: Kaz, Kell, Rhys, and Arin!

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16 Replies to “Top Ten of 2016: Best Book Boyfriends of 2016”

  1. OMG Frank ♥♥ I haven’t read The Crooked Kingdom (what the hell are you waiting for, Abby!?), I need to meet this new character that is Rhys. But yes, Matthias! I would include Kaz for sure if ever I’ll make a post like this 😀 Oh, G too from Lady Jane sounds swoon-y 🙂

  2. I loved Josh from the Hating Game too. Clark made my list as well. I really need to read Since You’ve Been Gone, anything by Jill Shalvis and Gemina next year. Great list!!

  3. Yes to Nik, Frank, Matthias, and Clark! I l love them all. Awesome list all around!

  4. Two books I haven’t read yet made your list, so that is exciting!

  5. Jin! And Griffin! And Matthias! I haven’t read Crooked Kingdom but I know about the ending… I don’t think I’m ready (I don’t think I ever will be). o_o If there is one book that I need to read, given all of the Top Ten posts, it is The Hating Game. 😀 Fabulous list, Cyn!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  6. Glad to see that the Dregs made it in so many lists! And Griffin too!

  7. Griffin would make my list, too. I’m hoping to read Gemina, Rebel in the Sands, and Lady Jane in the new year. Maybe I’ll be snitching your book guys from you. 🙂

    Fun list, Cyn!

  8. Great picks! So many of these are books on my TBR list so I am extra excited about them 🙂

    Michelle @ Book Briefs

  9. I need to read all these books to join in the book boyfriend love. I am really looking forward to The Unexpected everything.

  10. I’ve seen The Hating Game everywhere, great list you have put together 🙂

  11. oh girl…I totally agree with so many of these!!!

    Rhys is such a perfect hero, and I love how devoted he is to Helen, especially toward the end there. I think the first time I read that scene, I almost passed out in shock because it was the last thing I expected. And I love Griffin, he is a charmer and so alpha but quite the book boyfriend. A keeper for sure.

  12. So many swoony boys! I always love the love interests in Morgan’s books. <3

  13. Griffin from A Promise of Fire is such a good choice! Of course, Cat would be a great book girlfriend too. 😉 You’ve made me really stoked to finally read The Hating Game soon, because that quote is epic!

  14. Why, YES, I totally agree with everyone on your list… at least everyone I’ve read!! We’ve read almost the same stuff, too!!! I love the Lady Jane quote, too! I really wanted to read that book so I should look for a sale on Amazon now that I have a gift card 😉

  15. OMG NIK, MATTHIAS and AMANI *heart eyes* what great book boyfriends!

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