Unicorn Book Club: Bookish Pendants

A long time ago (about a year), I used to make bookish pendants for fun. I was even thinking about opening up a shop named Unicorn Book Club, but it just never happened despite making all the stock for it. It’s been long enough now that I’d like to clear out my inventory.

I’ll be selling each pendant for $15 per pendant, including shipping and handling. For those who are interested, I will also include a chain at the additional cost $2 per chain. This sale is US only.

Here are all the cover designs I’ve made:

Pendant with chain:

There are only a finite amount of each cover option. If you’re interested in purchasing a pendant or two (or five!), please leave a comment below with your order/email or send me an email at kim@bookmunchies.com.

Author: Kim

Everything can be made better with a good book or some relaxing knits. 😀 Find me on IG @kimberlyh12 or on Twitter @enervated.

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  1. These pendants are so beautiful and such a great idea Kim! Good luck with the sale!

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