“Waiting” on Wednesday: Into the Dark

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Into the Dark - Bree DespainInto the Dark by Bree Despain

Hardcover: 512 pages
Publication date: March 11th 2014
Publisher: EgmontUSA
Add on: Goodreads

Haden Lord, the disgraced prince of the Underrealm, has been sent to the mortal world to entice a girl into returning with him to the land of the dead. Posing as a student at Olympus Hills High—a haven for children of the rich and famous—Haden must single out the one girl rumored to be able to restore immortality to his race.

Daphne Raines has dreams much bigger than her tiny southern Utah town, so when her rock star dad suddenly reappears, offering her full tuition to Olympus Hills High’s prestigious music program, she sees an opportunity to catch the break she needs to make it as a singer. But upon moving into her estranged father’s mansion in California, and attending her glamorous new school, Daphne soon realizes she isn’t the only student in Olympus who doesn’t quite belong.

Haden and Daphne—destined for each other—know nothing of the true stakes their fated courtship entails. As war between the gods brews, the teenagers’ lives collide. But Daphne won’t be wooed easily and when it seems their prophesied link could happen, Haden realizes something he never intended—he’s fallen in love. Now to save themselves, Haden and Daphne must rewrite their destinies. But as their destinies change, so do the fates of both their worlds.

Into the Dark! Because Mythology is really in for 2014! It sounds pretty interesting & advance reviews are looking good and I think it just popped up on Netgalley too! Not sure how I feel about the cover though…it’s cool, but it’s not? But I’m willing to give it a shot. Also, the title makes me think of Star Trek: Into the Darkness haha.

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  1. I’ve noticed that too – mythology is back in for 2014!

    Also, it DID just pop up on NetGalley. BUUUUUT I think it’s Read Now on Edelweiss, so there is that option too? 😀

    Hope you guys are having an amazing week so far!!

    My WoW

    1. I’m all for a mythology comeback! Awesome! I need to check Edelweiss more! -runs off to download it-
      Thanks! I hope you are too!

  2. This book is new to me & it sounds great! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Sharon – Obsession with Books

    1. Glad I could bring it to your attention!

  3. I loved Bree Despain’s werewolf series, so I’m excited to see her writing a new one! I’ll definitely be checking this one out!

    1. I haven’t read any of her books yet but this one definitely sounds great! Glad to hear her other series are pretty awesome too!

  4. I love mytholigy, too. And this sounds like a nice one. Good pick!
    My WoW

    1. I’m definitely not complaining that mythology is back in style haha.

  5. Into the Dark sounds like a fantastic mythology book! I got my copy on Edelweiss recently and can’t wait to read it. Hope you enjoy!

    Here’s my WOW this week.

    1. I just went and downloaded from Edelweiss! Really excited to check it out, hopefully it doesn’t disappoint us 😉

  6. Into The Dark sounds good, I’ve seen it on NG and EW and been tempted to download it, it looks like a good read. My WoW

    1. Yes! Just realized its also on EW and so I grabbed it haha. It definitely sounds like a good read!

  7. Nice pick this week. Happy Wednesday 🙂

    My WoW

  8. I’m not sold on the cover, but the blurb sounds good. 🙂 Nice pick!

    ~Mandi Kaye | My WoW

    1. Ya, I’m a bit blah on the cover, but the story sounds great, and I guess that’s the important part right? 😉 haha.

  9. I’m hoping to read it soon, but the reason I downloaded it was because, well, mythology. Seriously, I’ll read anything to do with mythology, haha. Great pick. 🙂

    Here’s mine

    Kirsty @ StudioReads

    1. I’m totally glad that mythology is back in style haha. I’m hoping to read it soon-ish but my TBR list is getting a little out of hand! Hope you enjoy!

  10. The cover looks intriguing, nice pick! Thanks for sharing. Check out our WOW
    Nahomi @ Books & Swoons

    1. Thanks! I’m still sitting on the fence about the actually liking the cover haha but it is intriguing!

  11. This books sounds sooooooooooo good!!! I can’t wait for it’s release…Eeeep!!! 🙂

    Here’s my WoW

    Xoxo. Alexis @ Lexi Swoons

    1. Doesn’t it!? So excited! I hope it’s epic haha.

  12. Sounds like a great read! Thanks for sharing!

    Thanks for stopping by my TT!
    Katie @ The Quiet Girl Talks

    1. I hope so! thanks for stopping by (:

  13. Not sure about the cover either, but I am certainly curious about the world, and mythology. Awesome pick

    1. I feel like it could have been better, but oh well, as long as the story sounds interesting & is awesome right? 😉

  14. This sounds pretty interesting and I do love mythology, but, yeah, I’m not crazy about that cover. Great pick!

    1. My thoughts exactly. Hopefully it ends up being as good as it sounds and not like the cover haha.

  15. This is the first I’ve heard of this author but I also like mythology. Sounds good.

  16. I cannot wait to start this one! I have an eARC. It’s got such a pretty cover – hopefully the content is just as pretty!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  17. I have the e-ARC of this, too, but I think it will be a while before I get to it. It sounds like it has the potential to be very good, and at 512 pages, I certainly hope it is.

    Stephanie @ Inspiring Insomnia

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  19. This one sounds so good, especially when I read the words “disgraced prince.” I wonder what would happen… ;D
    Thanks for stopping by my WoW! (:

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