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Hey guys, Jackie here,

Christmas is definitely on my mind and I’m trying not to stress out all the last minute presents I need to buy (thankfully I don’t have too many people to worry about). Though, to be honest, I think I’ll probably end up knitting everyone’s presents because I’m lazy like that. Anyways it’s been a funky week because I decided to take a small break from work to recuperate from my health. Sometimes there are days where I’m like yeah I can do this and then there are days where the breathing just leave me like I’m running a marathon when I’ve only taken a shower. Don’t even talk to me about my sleeping habits as of late. I’m hoping with next week’s appointment I can finally get some conclusion to this episode of a mess and get back to being 100% me again.

If you guys celebrate Christmas are you done with the holiday shopping? Or are you like me and procrastinate until the last possible moment to do all the things?

✖ Teaser Tuesday: Lucky in Love
✖ Release Day Launch: Sweet Life by Nina Lane
✖ “Waiting” On Wednesday: The Queen’s Rising
✖ Really Really Short Review: Holiday Wishes by Jill Shalvis

Here at Bookmunchies we believe in being surprises for the week
(aka. we procrastinate, so we can’t tell you what’s quite coming up yet).

Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley (currently reading): Some days I feel like reading and some days are just meh days where I don’t care about reading. So far I like the concept of the Letter Library though.

I’ve got nothing this week because I’m trying to catch up on getting Christmas presents done.

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5 Replies to “Weekly Wrap Up (42)”

  1. Hope you feel better soon Jackie. I love homemade gifts so I’m sure knitted ones would go down a treat. Happy Christmas.

  2. I haven’t done with the Christmas gifts. Need to buy some this week while hoping the mall will be not too crowded. Yeah, I procrastinated a little bit. 🙈😁
    Oh, i’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. I hope you’re getting better soon. Have a wonderful week and have a happy Christmas. 😁❤️

  3. We sound a lot alike! I finally had an appointment last week to fight my insurance and get a new doctor for a REAL sleep study….Then I got some other health news that wasn’t good. I still need to round out the rest of The Man’s Christmas gifts. I don’t think only clothes will do it.

  4. I hope you feel better soon. I have all my shopping done, but nothing is wrapped. Have a great week!

  5. I’ve got 2 stores to visit and I know what I want so hopefully I can dash in and dash out. The crowds make me nuts. Baking and getting ready is a whole other story though. I hope you feel better soon and get caught up a little on your rest. Have a great week.

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