15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 1


Hosted by April of Books & Wine, here’s a chance for me to answer some questions about blogging and try to get inspired and excited again about why book bloggers blog about books!
Because I jumped it a little late, I’m just going around in a circle, so back to day 1! The Confession.

So today’s prompt is:

Make 15 Book-related Confession

01. I’m shallow. I do judge books by its cover.
Not really on purpose, but I mean, when there’s trillions of books, a pretty cover will definitely catch my eye first.

02. I almost never choose wrong in a love triangle.  I choose you Pikachu guy that will get the girl! (or rather maybe it’s because I can’t stand the heart break of rooting for the “nice guy” that won’t get the girl so I never even bother). Doesn’t matter if lead guy is a douche and the other guy is just the sweetest thing, I always ending up rooting for the guy that will get the girl.

03. I adore love triangles in Asian dramas but can’t handle them in books. I don’t even know why or what the difference since they share similar tropes and storylines. Guess it’s all in the media presentation??

04. I sometimes skip to the end. Usually to read the last paragraph, to see if it’s worth reading the rest of the book. My best friend thinks it’s weird I do this. She judges me a little. haha. Which leads me to:

05.  I need happy endings. Desperately. I really can’t handle books without happy endings. If it’s really well written and it doesn’t make sense that there’s happy ending, than I can deal. Because what I can’t handle more than a sad ending is a cope-out ending.

06. Historical Romances are my guilty pleasures, especially for when I should be studying.  I love knowing that there will be a happily ever after. Even if the book is corny and clique to the max. Also, one year, I started and finished the entire Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series over a week when I should have been studying for a exams, oops. But no regrets.

07. I’m embarrassed by some of the ridiculous covers of HR. I’m a little embarrass when the librarian sees me signing out a HR with a cover that consists of lots male (or female) chest, flowing hair and scandalous poses. I also read on the bus a lot. I don’t want people to judge me. Hallelujah for e-readers!

08. I start and read multiple books at once. My attention span isn’t always the best.

09. I’m obsessive compulsive about keeping my books perfect. I hate breaking the spin, or doggy-earing my pages.  I get a little nervous when I loan my books out to friends.

10. I use paperclips as bookmarks. Huge colourful ones, and if I can help it, it’ll match the colour scheme of the book.

11. I have no guilt for DNFing a book. I usually counter the guilt by super power skimming the rest of the book and “reading the ending” just so I know. But I definitely don’t count it as a finished read.

12. I still don’t know some of the abbreviations used in the book/blogger world. PNR? Paranormal romance? Is it that easy? H/h?

13. The library is my best friend. I always have so many books on request/is there every week, the librarian knows me by face and name.

14. I always end up looking for the/a romance sub-plot in books. Even if there’s no reason for it. I just always want someone to have a cute romance, so I just sort start thinking, “oh they make a cute couple” and try very hard to make something from nothing (then I get disappointed when nothing comes from it haha).
shrug - doctor who 11


15.  Sometimes I neglect all things and people to read my books. I do feel guilty for neglecting people. I only feel a little guilty for neglecting studying.

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