15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 14 & Day 15


Hosted by April of Books & Wine, here’s a chance for me to answer some questions about blogging and try to get inspired and excited again about why book bloggers blog about books!

Two days worth because I got behind a bit…

So today’s prompt is:

Tell Us Your Deal Breakers

When reading a book:
01. Unnecessary Deaths. whyyyyyyyyyyy!?!
02. Cope out endings. I love happy endings, but I’d rather have an ending that “sad” and makes sense than no sense at all to the rest of the book. That being said having “shocking” endings for the sake of shock value is a big no-no too.
03. Extremely whiny leads. Okay, that’s a bit of lie, because chances are I’ll still finish the book but doesn’t need I’m going to be happy about it.

So today’s other prompt is:

Who Are Your Book Blogging Mentors

That would be the lovely Kim! of Book Munchies!
Thanks for bringing me into the book blogging world!

I want to be Jack, so you be ten.
I want to be Jack, so you be ten.

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  1. I — I love the fact that I get to be ten. YES!

    Also, I may steal a day if the prompts interest me. Jsyk. Or add onto your post for the day. Lol. Either or.

    1. You betcha! haha (I’ve discovered the love of using gifs in post, and now I can’t seem to stop lol)

      Yeah! Totally feel free to join in on/add to which every day you want!

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