Announcement! Finals, projects, and the search is on!

Hello Book Munchies’ followers! It’s come to that wonderful time of year again, final exams and final projects weighing down and keeping me from reading and posting as I wish to focus on passing for the semester.

There is also a sad announcement: Ali will no longer be a blogger here. As she finds her life eating up all her time, with none to spare for blogging, she found it better to just withdraw from the blog.

Though this isn’t a happy announcement, it finally pushed me to making this post. Book Munchies was started with the intention of having more than one consistent blogger. Meaning, I’m looking for someone interested in reading and reviewing, and would like to join me on Book Munchies as my co-blogger. If you’re interested the send me an email at Or if you know someone who’d be interested, send them my way.

As I mentioned in the beginning, with final exams and projects coming up, the next couple of weeks will be sparse with the posting. But fear not, Book Munchies will return with more reviews, guest posts, giveaways and more.

Author: Kim

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