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Welcome to the Heart On Fire blog tour! This is the 3rd and final book in Amanda Bouchets Kingmaker Chronicles,  an action-packed fantasy/mythology adventure! Scroll on down to see a review, excerpt and enter the giveaway for your chance win a book bundle of the first two books in the series so that you can be ready for this finale!

And if you want to see the rest of the series,  I’ve got the rest of the series reviewed HERE!
Blog Tour & Giveaway: Heart On Fire by Amanda BouchetHeart on Fire (Kingmaker Chronicles, #3) by Amanda Bouchet
Series: Kingmaker Chronicles #3
Published by Piatkus on January 2nd 2018
Genres: Fantasy, Mythology
Pages: 448
Source: Edelweiss

The riveting conclusion to the Kingmaker Chronicles, available January 2018!

Who is Catalia Fisa?With the help of pivotal figures from her past, Cat begins to understand the root of her exceptional magic, her fated union with Griffin Sinta, and Griffin's role in shaping her destiny.

Only Cat holds the key to unlocking her own power, and that means finally accepting herself, her past, and her future in order to protect her loved ones, confront her murderous mother, and taking a final, terrifying step--reuniting all three realms and taking her place as the Queen of Thalyria.

What doesn't kill her will only make her stronger...we hope.


Ah, finally the big-ish conclusion to the Kingmaker Chronicles (or at least to this arc story I assume)! And while I didn’t love it quite as much as the first two books, it was still an enjoyable read for me. Here we see Cat and Griffin try to figure out a way to control Cat’s power while trying to fulfill her destiny and fighting her mother.

There were some highs and lows for me in this book. I still enjoyed the mythological aspect of the story and all the gods playing their role in this tale. And I definitely loved a lot of the secondary characters (I’m dying over here for the Flynn and Josasta romance, and Cat’s sisters, and Carver!) It was fairly action-packed at times (including a few epic battle) and Cat and Griffin can still be so freak’n adorable.

“I’m…” I stop, at a loss.
Griffin lifts his eyebrows. “Inarticulate at the moment?”
Scowling, I thwack him in the chest.
“Overwrought?” he supplies, his mouth quirking up.
I thwack him again.
“Highly emotional?”
Thwack. Thwack.
“Apparently weak, because none of that hurt at all.”

I did, however, struggle a bit with the uneven pacing or rather I felt slightly disappointed. The ending felt very rushed and a bit abrupt and there were other parts that felt draggy and unnecessary. To be fair, I think this book is only the finale of this arc, and it seems from the ending that there will be more books in this universe to help provide a little more closure (or expansion) to certain storylines. But I do wish it was a bit more cohesive.

That being said, overall, it was a fun read with some hilarious moments and some heartfelt moments. I’m definitely hoping for more books in the universe and I hope Bouchet brings back that awesome humour and great action.

“My heart is on fire, Griffin. I don’t know when it’ll stop.”

His expression seems to light within. “It won’t ever stop. I won’t let it.


“I thought you of all people would understand.”
“Understand what? Being an idiot?”
That seems to surprise him enough to add something new to his countenance. A trace of humor softens the stark lines of his face. “No.” A wry smile just barely curves his lips. “Maybe.”
“I am an expert idiot,” I say. “I practice all the time.”


“Make sure you add that to your queenly decrees,” he teases. “I hereby declare that the people of Thalyria shall be safe from royally sanctioned thieving raids, outrageous taxing, random massacres, and stuff.”

{*Thanks to Sourcebook Casablanca and Edelweiss for the eARC in exchange for an honest review.



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About Amanda Bouchet

Amanda Bouchet grew up in New England where she spent much of her time tromping around in the woods and making up grand adventures in her head. It was inevitable that one day she would start writing them down. Drawing on her Greek heritage for the setting and on her love of all things daring and romantic for the rest, her debut trilogy, The Kingmaker Chronicles, took form. She writes what she loves to read: epic exploits, steamy romance, and characters that make you laugh and cry.

A French master’s graduate and former English teacher, Amanda lives in Paris, France. She met her husband while studying abroad, and the family now includes two bilingual children who will soon be correcting her French.

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Flynn’s jaw hardens. “You’re putting words in my mouth again.”

“Am I?” Jocasta smiles vaguely and without humor. “I guess you talk to me so little, I’ve started to invent.”

Flynn freezes, staring at her. Emotional conflict makes him shut down completely. With Jocasta, anyway. He’ll get into a roaring good fight with me.

“Cat and Griffin—they listen to people. Take advice,” he finally says in a low, almost toneless voice. “Cat was Griffin’s advisor at first. In a way, she still is.”

If you ask me, Griffin’s the sage one, but Jocasta eventually nods, conceding the point. “I’ll think about it,” she says.

“Thank you.” Flynn seems to relax. “Get yourself a guard as well,” he adds.

“I can take care of myself.”

“I could take care of you better,” he mutters irritably.

Jocasta grips the edge of the table like it’s the only thing keeping her upright. Or like she might heave the whole thing up and over in a fit of rage. One or the other. I can’t tell. When Flynn realizes what he just said, or rather how it could be taken, he pales until his shock of bright-red hair is his only color.

“I mean…” He clears his throat, looking up, around, anywhere but at her. “I mean you’d be twice as safe with a warrior guarding you. Me. Or someone else.”

Jocasta slowly uncurls her fingers from the table. “Someone else?”

Flynn frowns. “I’m leaving today. I won’t be here. You fought well in the arena, but we were all there. That doesn’t mean you’re ready for this.” He waves his hand in an all-encompassing gesture. “Everyday danger? The insidious kind? It doesn’t always come at you with a sword and a snarl. You might not see it coming.”

That vague smile is back on Jocasta’s lips, the one that speaks of utter disappointment. “So that’s what you want? Some man following me around day and night? Sleeping outside my bedroom door? Taking walks with me? Guarding me in the bathhouse?”

Flynn doesn’t answer. He’s too busy grinding his molars to dust.

“Well, I won’t do it,” Jocasta says. “I’m in a fortified castle and don’t plan on leaving it. There are plenty of guards, high walls, and beyond them, there’s a constant, swelling crowd that seems to genuinely love us. I’m not in any danger.”

Flynn scoffs. “There’s always danger. And it’s most dangerous when you don’t expect it. You can’t let your guard down, Jo, especially while we’re away.”

Jocasta pushes the soggy, herb-soaked cloth farther down the table, wiping up a spill. When there’s nothing left to keep her busy, she finally looks up at Flynn.

“Don’t worry about me. Worry about yourself.” She shifts from foot to foot, looking uncomfortable. “I certainly do.”

Flynn leans in, his hands braced on the table again. Their eyes meet. “You do?”

Jocasta swallows so hard I can see it from here. Softly, she says, “You know I do.”

Flynn’s gaze drops to her mouth. Jocasta’s lips part, and her tongue darts out to wet them. He targets the movement with his eyes, tilting his head slightly and suddenly looking like a hungry and very focused predator. She sways toward the man she’s loved for so long, slowly closing the distance across the worktable. Flynn doesn’t back off for once, and I start to feel like the worst sort of thrill seeker, because my heart is pounding for them, and I can’t look away.

Do it. Kiss her. Claim her. It’s all she wants.

Flynn’s head drops a slow inch. Jocasta tilts hers up.

This is finally happening!

Bellanca charges into the kitchen through a side door. Flynn and Jocasta jump apart. I jump, too, my hand flying to my chest where my heart starts kicking like a deranged donkey. Everywhere Bellanca goes, she goes like a bloody tornado. A bloody flaming tornado.

“What in the Underworld is that awful smell?” Bellanca waves her hand in front of her nose, looking at Flynn and Jocasta like it’s probably them. Then she storms over, peers into Jocasta’s bowl, and scowls. “What’s that?”

“It’s going to be a sleeping draught,” Jocasta says tersely.

Bellanca wrinkles her freckled nose. “Who for?”

“For me,” Jocasta answers from between gritted teeth. She’s usually friendly to Bellanca, or at least neutral, so I know her crossness comes from being interrupted before her first kiss ever, and that from the man she’s been waiting for for years.

Bellanca huffs. “You can’t be that stupid.”

Flynn’s brown eyes narrow. The look he turns on Bellanca is truly terrible, but she doesn’t seem to notice.

Jocasta takes a slow breath, her expression suddenly such a careful mask of politeness that I have no doubt she’s erupting underneath. “Excuse me?”

“Why would you want to sleep that heavily? Only an idiot would do that.” Bellanca looks genuinely confused. As usual, she’s oblivious to anyone’s reaction to her…forthrightness.

“Do you suggest I sleep with one eye open?” Jocasta asks coolly. “Or possibly not at all?”

Bellanca reaches between them and grabs an apple that somehow escaped the splattering of herbal sludge. “Good idea.” As she straightens, she knocks Jocasta’s bowl over, giving it a hard enough shove to dump it on the floor. The earthenware vessel shatters into tiny pieces, hopelessly contaminating the concoction.

Jocasta’s mouth drops open.

Bellanca winks. “Eyes open.” She crunches into her apple as she moves backward in a tinkle of gold bangles and a froth of sky-blue skirts.

Flynn steps after her, his voice lowering in pitch. “Did you just threaten her?”

Bellanca stops halfway across the kitchen, looking increasingly surly. She dabs a fingertip to her lips, wiping off a drip. “I’m trying to protect her.”

“Do you know something?” Flynn growls, stalking forward until they’re only a pace apart.

Bellanca takes another bite and then shrugs. “I know lots of things.”

“Like what?” Flynn demands.

“Like potions such as that one are better left alone.”

Jocasta stiffens. “I know what I’m doing. I’m not likely to overdose.”

Bellanca shakes her head. “That’s not what I mean.”

“Then what do you mean?” Flynn asks, menace still heavy in his voice.

“Good Gods!” Bellanca rolls her eyes. “I was just trying to help. I’m going to change and pack.” She takes another bite and then throws her apple at Flynn, hitting him square in the forehead.

I slap my hand over my mouth, stifling a gasp. Laugh. Gasp laugh. I can’t believe she just did that!

Stone-faced, Flynn wipes apple juice from his brow. Jocasta stares in horror. Bellanca whirls on her heel and then stomps from the room, going out the same way she came in—fast and flaming.

As soon as the Tarvan woman is out of sight, I back away from the open door before dissolving into fits of quiet laughter. Soon after, I hear Flynn and Jocasta do the same.


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