Goodnight Tweetheart, by Teresa Medeiros (fiction)

“Goodnight Tweetheart” is a novel of Teresa Medeiros, written in a contemporary setting. Hence the title’s tie-in to the social networking platform, twitter. Advertised to be a story in line with Tom Hanks movie “You Got Mail”, “Goodnight Tweetheart” offers to be a light, easy-going read.

The story follows the author, Abby Donovan, as she’s pushed by her publishing compnay to start a twitter to connect with her fans and readers. Through Twitter, Abby quickly ‘meets’ mystery man Mark who helps her in navigating the intricacies of using Twitter.

Their contact is solely through Twitter conversations/ photos, but soon develops into a surprisingly close relationship. (Having virtual dates seems pretty close to me.) The traditional end to their tweets is Mark’s closing “goodnight tweetheart”.

Told from Abby’s point of view, there are places where Abby’s Twitter conversations with Mark are interspersed with scenes from her life. It helped give balance to the restrictions of conversations with  letter counts of 140 or less.

The comparison to “You Got Mail” and the element of unknown in relation to Mark’s character foreshadows a ‘big secret’ that Abby will eventually find out. The issue I had was with the speed Ms. Medeiros used to take us through the fallout of Abby and Mark’s relationship after his secret was outed. It felt rushed and hastily put together.

The book is a good read, however, if you’re looking for something nice and easy. The rushed ending is troublesome, but easily bypassed if you’re not as anally focused on having the ~perfect ending~ as I am.

Author: Kim

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