Hello World!

Greetings! We are Ali and Kim and we like books and doing neat crafts with yarn! We just ate a lot of pizza and are on a pizza-high so this post is a little over exuberant!

Anyway, we set up this blog because we both love reading, and perhaps some of you like reading as well.  Some of the books will be new, some will be old. Some will be fiction and some will be non-fiction. If you like to read and want some stellar recommendations you should subscribe, or at least glance at our posts occasionally. Because if you do we can get advanced copies of books and therefore be all fancy-pants and write reviews before they come out. HUZZAH!

So, prepare to be inundated with many a review from every genre and subgenre you have imagined (and potentially some you haven’t!). We’ll tell you what you should read and what you shouldn’t. If you want to email us and request that we read a book, DO IT. =] Also, feel free to share what you’re reading with us!

Happy Book Munching!

-Ali & Kim

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