New Year’s Bookish Resolutions!

New Year's 2015Hello all!

Welcome to 2015 with Bookmunchies! It’s that time of the year were we all make those new year’s resolution and set out book goals. So Kim and I thought we share with you our plans for 2015!


(I sort of want to low ball all my goals so when I reach/surpass them, it’ll look really good, muaha)

1) Read more diversely (authors, characters, genre! Expanding my horizon!)

2) Book goal: 60 (had to cut down from my usual 100 and some because school /sad)

3) Read more books of my bookshelf (because I keep buying books but not reading them, oops. Apparently I can’t resist pretty books).

bonus: try to finish 3 series!



I love your goals Cyn! 😀 Mine are actually similar enough that I’m not sure why I need my own. Haha.

  1. Buy/Acquire less books, and read what I already have.
  2. Carrying over from 2014, I’m still continuing to challenge myself with reading a series a month.
  3. Reading goal: 50 (100 is possible, but I don’t want to push myself to read simply to fill a goal. I want to read because the books interest me.)


okay guys, let us know if you have resolutions or plans for 2015!

Are they the same/similar or totally different?!

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4 Replies to “New Year’s Bookish Resolutions!”

  1. Great goals! I read 160 books last year, but I am setting my goal at 100 this year. I also do not want to be at a point where I am reading just to fill a goal. I do not want it to become a chore.

  2. These are all fantastic goals guys! I think appreciating what books you have on your shelf rather than constantly reading new ones that you have to buy or review is the key this year and I can see a lot of bloggers committing to that. Happy New Year lovelies!

  3. These are totally good goals, and I completely agree about just reading books that interest you! WISENESS. I have this deep need to read all the books…but this year I really want to try and finish some more series. I’m still working on my list of goals, hehe, but there’s a BUNCH of older YA authors that I want to read. And older series. I get caught up with the new and shiny…buuuut, when the whole series is released it’s also brilliant. No cliffhangers. xD

  4. lol – I like to low ball too. 😀 Great goals, ladies. Happy New Year!

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