PSA: June is Audiobook Month

June - Audio Book Month Hi guys, as you probably already know (and if you don’t!) June is Audiobook month! [I know, it’s already half way through June, but there’s still half  a month left! I’m just late to posting, hee) I think lately audio books are really starting to hit it big. I can tell you I use to not be a huge fan because, well, I could read faster than it reading it to me, so I get frustrated. But lately, they’ve become super handy because I can just listen to my book while I’m driving, or running, or cleaning! There are a few different campaign going on to spread the word: Audio Publishers Association: June is Audiobook Month‘s page has some idea on how you can get involved. (ie. Use the hashtag #ListenLit, or #JIAM2014) Get Caught Reading‘s Get Caught Listening has links to download audio, to share how to use audio books in school and how to promote it, & more! Sync is perfect for the YA reading/audiobook-listener! Throughout the summer, every week, they have a new YA title, along with a classic title free for download! HERE’s THE SYNC SCHEDULE, so you don’t miss out! Sync - 2014 schedule   This is the perfect time to download some free audiobooks and see how you like them! Like I mentioned, I haven’t listen to a ton, but I’m always up for recommendations! Sometimes the narrator can really make it or break it for me. I love listening to autobiographies narrated by the author (like Tina Fey’s Bossy Pants). And sometimes I just listen to books because of the narrator! (Like The Red Necklace by Sally Gardner because it’s narrated by Tom Hiddleston and he just has a fabulous voice, haha.) Anyway, let me know which are must listens, and go forth and enjoy audio books (:

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